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10 Not-So-Natural Nicki Minaj Hair Colours

by rachael / last updated December 8, 2014

          10 Not-So-Natural Nicki Minaj Hair Colours

On her birthday, we take a look at ten of the most flamboyant Nicki Minaj hair colours and styles that this larger-than-life style icon has sported.

From pink and green to leopard-print and just about everything in between, Nicki’s never been afraid of making a statement with her hair. Boasting more wigs than Cher and Lady Gaga combined, Nicki has a ‘do to match every outfit. And then some.

These days, Nicki’s more likely to rock a natural brunette style, but here are some of our favourite colourful moments from the past few months…

Nicki Minaj pink hair

Candyfloss pink with oh-so-natural (no, really) blonde roots back in May 2011.

Nicki Minaj striped dip dye

Nicki tasted the rainbow in November 2010 with this stripy dip-dye, in a melange of 70s-inspired tones.

Nicki Minaj yellow and pink updo

Pink, yellow and blonde make for a candy-hued style, as flamboyant and sugary sweet as those ice-cream accessories.

nicki minaj leopard print hair

We’re wild for this leopard-print look, kept relatively restrained through a simple, structured cut.

nicki minaj green hair

Camouflage works for the urban jungle too, apparently, as Nicki proves with this foliage-festooned green ‘do.

nicki minaj dark green hair

Who knew green was such a wearable shade? Nicki changes up lime green for a darker, emerald-infused curly wig and still manages to look cool.

Nicki Minaj yellow and pink hair

Neon yellow and pastel peach shouldn’t work, but this candy-floss look is another case of one rule for Nicki, another for everyone else. Colour us convinced by this pastel head of curls.

nicki minaj long blonde curls

Equal parts Donatella Versace and Franca Sozzani, this look might be a more natural colour but those waist-length mermaid waves are pure fantastical.

nicki minaj lilac hair

Lilac and white makes for an icy, festive colour combo – but we’re not sold on the hairline on this one…


Nicki’s most shocking look? Her recent revert back to brunette. We loved the mad hair moments, but there’s no denying that Nicki looks at her very best with this strikingly simple style.

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