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A Wash and Blow Dry is More Relaxing Than a Deep Tissue Massage

by akesha / last updated March 20, 2019

A study executed by has revealed what ‘spa’ treatments mums found the most relaxing. The study examined the stress levels of top mummy bloggers, revealing the most relaxing spa treatments for busy mums, according to science and a wash and blow dry placed higher than expected.

Unsurprisingly, having a back and shoulder massage came out on top amongst the 2000 mums tested. But as a shock to some a wash, cut and blow dry came in second – beating eight other treatments. Coming in third was a deep tissue massage, followed by a steam and sauna, and a Swedish full body massage.

Dr Daniel Plews, physiologist and Buyagift’s stress experiment consultant : ‘We [got the results]  by measuring HRV, which is an accurate, non-invasive measurement of the variation between consecutive heart beats intervals. It reveals signs of physiological stress, as HRV is typically higher (more variation between heart beats) during relaxing activities and decreases (less variation between heart beats) during stressful activities.”

Good to know before the busy Mother’s Day period.

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