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Hairdressing Industry Mourns a Legend – Toni Mascolo

by akesha / last updated December 12, 2017

Toni Mascolo, co-founder of the Toni&Guy salon group sadly passed away on Sunday 10 December.

On social media the Toni&Guy group announced: “It is with deep sorrow that we inform the community of the death of our founder, leader, husband and father, Giuseppe Toni Mascolo. We all loved him in life as we will love him in death. He will be dearly missed. Yours faithfully, Pauline, Sacha, Christian and Pierre.”

Born into a family of talented hairdressers, Toni opened the first Toni & Guy salon with his brother Guy in 1963 in Clapham, South West London. Since then the company has grown from a standalone shop to thousands of salons in over 20 countries worldwide and products loved by millions.

Hairdressing was Toni’s life, with him spending more than 50 years at the top of the industry. Throughout his life he was acknowledged with many awards and accolades including an OBE for his services to British Hairdressing.

Leading members of the British hairdressing industry took to Twitter and Instagram on Sunday to share their initial reaction to the news and they also shared their sadness with HJi:

“I’ve known the entire family since I was 17 years old. Toni was the most amazing person. He was funny, but so focused too. And an incredible family man and business man that treated his staff amazingly. He turned the world of hairdressing on its head in terms of franchising. I feel so grateful that I had the pleasure of working with him and Sacha in 2006. Some people will never be forgotten and Toni will be one of them. He was one of the hairdressing greats.” Beverley C

“Toni was the backbone of British hairdressing. He was a true legend who changed the industry and created one of the biggest empires, along with his brothers of course. He was an extremely successful business man and gave opportunities to so many people in the industry. Although I sadly wasn’t close to Toni, I think of him as one of the greats. My condolences go to the family.” Angelo Seminara

“Toni Mascolo was one of the first people to receive The Alternative Hair Legend Award – an honour given to him for his unparalleled contribution to hairdressing. Together with his brothers he created a cult – creating creative, wearable hairstyles women wanted, and, from this starting point, built an amazing global brand. Toni was remarkable, a man with huge ambition and an incredible work ethos, a man who loved people, who always gave you time and would talk to anyone and everyone. When I opened my first Sanrizz salon in 1980, a few years after the Toni&Guy salon opened in Davies Street, Mayfair, Toni and his brothers were an inspiration to me. We come from the same area of Southern Italy as the Mascolo family and like us, Toni and his brothers had incredible family values. Since then, the Toni&Guy business and franchise operation has spanned the world and continues to grow. I have huge respect for Toni’s achievements. Maggie and I send our heartfelt love to Toni’s wife and children Pauline, Sacha, Christian, Pierre, and Toni’s brothers, Bruno and Anthony and their extended families. He leaves a gaping hole in the hairdressing profession, but one thing is sure, his legacy will continue.” Tony Rizzo

“Toni Mascolo: a humble, inspirational, and sensational man who was absolutely instrumental to our industry in so many ways. He was the first to put the salon franchise model firmly on the map, and despite his phenomenal success in business, was apparently still running a client column well into the later stages of his career. An icon and an inspiration to us all; he was the Don of hairdressing.” Clive Collins

“The quality I always found most fascinating about Toni was his unwavering enthusiasm and excitement for our industry. A remarkable man who would undeniably succeed at anything he chose… fortunately for us, he chose and loved hairdressing. I believe he turned us from Artists into Businessmen. Thank you Toni.” Akin Konizi

“Toni was a business visionary. He enabled T&G, and the hairdressing world, to combine business with creativity in a way that was unparalleled by any other organisation. Such a charismatic man – when he spoke, we all listened; everything he said was a lesson in how to succeed” Paul Simbler

“Over the last few hours, many images and memories of Toni have come into my mind. For all his success as a businessman, I think of him firstly as the family-man. He loved his home and was always welcoming and hospitable and he was a great cook too. He loved having people round for Sunday lunch, especially if they also happened to be supporters of Chelsea! Whilst he could be ruthless at work, at home he was a fatherly figure, whose gentleness drew children to him and who took pride in giving guests a guided tour of his garden. I worked closely with Toni during the time when he was launching the Toni&Guy franchise operation. I was always in awe of his vision and his determination. Long before it was a ‘trend’ to write down goals, he would meticulously write his own weekly goals in his diary. Hard work was his absolute ethos. From the early days he thought nothing of working 6 long days in the salon and on a Sunday spending a few hours in the wholesalers buying stocks for his salons. That he continued working in the salon, even whilst at the helm of a global business, is a testament to his hard work. Toni’s achievements are incredible. His early years in England weren’t easy, but he took opportunity when it arrived and combining his own talents with those of his brothers, created a brand known far beyond the realms of hairdressing. I remember him saying to me: “When I go into one of my salons, I like to talk to the youngest members of the salon first. They are the future.” – So many of those young hairdressers are now owners of their own Toni&Guy salons and will ensure ongoing success of the brand. Toni was a formidable businessman and if I’m honest, not always easy to work with, but if I close my eyes and think of him, I can see his smile. He leaves a massive hole in the hairdressing profession. I send my love and thanks to Pauline, Sacha, Christian and Pierre, and to the Mascolo family.” Linda Evans

“I have always had the utmost respect and appreciation for the achievements of the Mascolo family. The brand that they built is without parallel in its innovation and scope. Toni’s passing has cast a huge shadow over the entire hairdressing industry and he will be greatly missed.” Mark Hayes

“Toni has been an extraordinary ambassador to the profession who has pioneered and developed a truly brilliant organisation.  He thoroughly deserves the enormous standing he has achieved through the industry. He will be greatly missed.” John Frieda

“Toni & Guy did so much for the industry, bringing a new and modern approach to hairdressing. It’s with great sadness that we hear the news of Toni Mascolo and our thoughts are with the Toni & Guy family. Toni created a household name that will always be synonymous with professional hairdressing. What an amazing achievement that his name will always be remembered and revered.” Sally Brooks

“We are all deeply saddened that Toni Mascolo has passed away. The Mascolo family revolutionised our industry and Toni grew their empire from humble beginnings. What he achieve in his life time will continue to inspire others for generations to come. His name will live on for the world to see, Toni & Guy. With all our respect, the Rush boys.” Andy Phouli and Stell Andrew

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