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One Third Still Struggle to Book Hair Appointments, According to Survey

by eleanor / last updated October 26, 2021

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A third of Brits (33%) are still struggling to book hair appointments that suit their schedule, with haircuts being the hardest to book (15%), according to a new study from Capital Hair & Beauty.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults found that some services are particularly hard to come by, including a cut and blow-dry, mens’ haircut, highlights, and a full head of colour.  

Demand for hair appointments is varied across different cities, with Londoners experiencing the greatest shortfall of appointments, as 43% struggle to book in for their favoured services. Four in ten Mancunions (41%) also shared they cannot get an appointment, making it the second hardest place to book in-salon treatments.

Due to the high demand for salon appointments following covid-related closures, many are considering turning to independent, mobile or freelance hairdressers for flexibility. In fact, 51% of survey respondants said they would prefer to have a hair or beauty treatment in the comfort of their own home, rather than head to a salon.

When it comes to the treatments the nation would prefer to have at home, one in three (31%) would rather have a freelancer come to them for a haircut, while one in ten (11%) would like a hair wash, cut and blow dry without having to travel to the salon.

The survey also revealed that people would pay more for at-home and out of hours appointments. Almost half (46%) of UK consumers stated they’d be willing to pay more than usual (salon prices) for an appointment with a freelance or mobile hairdresser at their home, with more than a third (37%) admitting they would be happy to spend up to 20% more for this luxury.

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