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Celebrate Your Skills with L’Oréal’s #HairProsKnowBest Campaign

by laurahusband / last updated March 29, 2021

#HairProsKnowBest Campaign

L’Oréal Professional Products new #HairProsKnowBest campaign aims to celebrate the skills of all hairdressers as salons across the UK prepare to reopen safely.

What is L’Oréal Professional Products #HairProsKnowBest Campaign?

The #HairProsKnowBest campaign by L’Oréal Professional Products, which includes L’Oréal Professionnel, Kérastase, Redken and Matrix is designed to highlight the vital role that hair professionals play in terms of a client’s physical and mental wellbeing. The campaign, in collaboration with the British Beauty Council features colourful social media illustrations that you, your fellow hairdressers and salon teams can use to celebrate and shout about how you make clients look and feel good on the inside and out as you prepare for reopening.

How can you get involved with the L’Oréal Professional Products #HairProsKnowBest Campaign?


You and fellow hair professionals can download the social media illustrations and share them on your social media platforms to promote the vital role that hairdressing plays for your clients. Once you’ve shared the posts you can also encourage your clients to share their finished look once they have returned to your salon or chair post-lockdown by using #HairProsKnowBest and tagging you as their stylist and the salon to celebrate the way in which you are supporting your client’s wellbeing.

Do you know the important role you play in your clients’ lives?


Here are some interesting facts and stats about the important role you play within your clients’ lives:

  • 68% (over two thirds) of British adults who get their hair done professionally agree that having their hair done supports their mental health and wellbeing.*
  • 93% of women felt the same or better than usual after their salon appointment compared to their last salon visit pre-lockdown.**
  • There was a +95% increase in people talking about self-care in relation to hair during COVID-19 vs before Covid-19.***

Reopening trend predictions from L’Oréal artists and salon partners


Adam Reed, Adam Reed London, L’Oréal salon partner makes his trend predictions:

Blonde is going to have a moment from caramel infused tones with the Bardot Blond to the ‘Reel Blonde.’ We will be using the ‘Balayage Blur’ which is a technique only the pro knows. It is about looking at the hair and personalising the colour to enhance the hairs natural tone and with healthy and glossy shadow roots. We will see ‘High Definition Hair’ which is all about the hair looking in its best possible condition with a colour that really pops! For this look it’s like with lip gloss on the lips but for your hair and is the perfect add on service to see maximum effect with minimum effort.

Luke Hersheson, CEO of Hershesons Salons adds:

“We will see people coming out of this lockdown with a desire to experiment more now than ever and people wanting to change up their looks. People are embracing their naturalness. I believe everything begins and ends with a great a haircut. For curly hair, a haircut will give structure to the hair and then you need great products to work together to give you a finish look. ‘The Glam Shag’ is for someone who is looking to enhance their hairs natural movement, and this is a short and natural hairstyle that has texture. Bobs are here to stay and as they are so versatile from the ‘Brit Bob’ to the ‘Frenchie Bob’ there is a bob to suit everyone.”

While, Larry King, Larry King Hair believes clients will be looking for a change when salons reopen. He says:

For 2021 layers are going to on trend and bobs will continue to be in the spotlight. We will see the ‘Pixie Chop’ for people who want to go for a more diverse look. Whilst salons have been closed due to lockdown, we have seen people embracing their neutral textures. People are going to come out of lockdown and want to invest in their hair as you wear your hair every day! Hairstylists should work with their clients face shapes to tailor a look to suit the individual and adapting each look. Hair health has also been a big trend this lockdown and we will see clients wanting looks to make their hair look in the best possible condition. If you’re looking to try something more dramatic post-lockdown my advice would be to do your research and just go for it! If you want to change your style up without losing length – try a fringe!

*A YouGov survey carried out in November 2020 with 4,257 adults found

** Post Covid Research: Salon Reopening. Conducted by 2CV Research on behalf of L’Oréal UKI via online interviews with 292 women aged 16-74, who had a salon appointment after lockdown was lifted. Interviews took place between 27th-31st July 2020.

*** Haircare Topic Scan 65DB for L’Oréal CMI UK, Analysis period: Aug 20 –Nov 20; Pre-Covid Comparison: Nov 19 –Feb 20

Click here to download the #HairProsKnowBest Campaign social media images to share on your own social platforms today. 

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