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London-Based Inanch Salon Opens Up New Basement Floor

by kieran / last updated September 21, 2021

Inanch salon new basement floor

Inanch Salon in Fitzrovia, London, has opened up its basement as a new floor, now offering hair, beauty and aesthetics in one environment.

The basement, which previously housed storage and the staffroom, has now been opened up to create two dedicated ‘labs’ – one for hair and scalp treatments and the other for beauty services. The space also includes an open-plan colour bar, refreshed staff lounge and innovative storage solutions.

Designed by salon owners Joe and Inanch Emir, the launch of these two new labs coincides with the business’ 16th birthday.

Hair and scalp solutions offered range from initial scalp analysis to the provision of the custom CR Lab hair replacement systems, Inanch being the only provider in London of this transformative treatment. This can now all be found in the new ‘Hair and Scalp Lab’.

On the launch, Joe commented: “We’ve always been known for our pioneering work with hair loss, and now we’re able to provide these life-changing treatments in a dedicated space that has a luxurious look and feel. These can be challenging, emotional services for clients so it was important for us to create a space that was private, but also still felt really premium and welcoming.”

Although the revamped space had been planned for some time, the global pandemic actually accelerated the launch process as it means the owners recognised their clients’ changing needs. 

Joe explained: “We’ve always offered our clients a premium experience, but in light of Covid and the subsequent changes to people’s lifestyles, we knew now was the time to introduce a full suite of services to make their visits even more valuable.”

“Our clients love being able to experience everything under one roof and it makes great business sense, too. In one visit, they can now experience everything from a scalp diagnosis to a full head of Gold Class hair extensions, plus a massage and instant face-lift. For today’s time-conscious, safety-aware clients, being able to enjoy it all in one welcoming, friendly, Covid-secure space is a game-changer.”

Beauty services offered include the age-defying Collagenwave treatment, an Inanch exclusive, which uses radio frequency energy to tighten skin tissue and is used by celebrities including Amanda Holden and David Beckham.

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