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KMS Reveals Rebrand at KMS Backstage

by maryforester / March 20, 2017

KMS revealed its brand new campaign at a highly anticipated backstage event held at Victoria House in London.
This experience-led event invited guests into KMS’s creative world with four rooms showcasing live hair prep, mood boarding, backstage action and live photography all leading up to the main runway event.
KMS UK Guest Artist Shaun Hall and KMS Global Style Council members Sam Burnett & Simon Miller demonstrated brand new KMS education looks and techniques with STREETstyle all the way to HIGHstyle in London Fashion Week inspired presentation.
Mark Giannandrea, General Manager UK for Kao Salon Division said, ‘KMS Backstage was a tremendous success and I feel really positive about what the rest of the year has in store for the brand. We’ve worked immensely hard to bring the re-launch to life and have taken inspiration from the urban fashion districts around the world to create this amazing new look.Our START. STYLE. FINISH. regime means that salons will now be able to easily create the styles their clients want most and I believe this will ultimately help boost their retail business.’
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