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Two Organisations Join Forces to Create The British Hair & Beauty Collective

by laurahusband / last updated April 9, 2021

British Hair & Beauty Collective 

The Hair and Barber Council and Salon Owners United are joining forces to create The British Hair & Beauty Collective. The new organisation aims to talk to the UK Government as one voice to give the hair and beauty industry one voice and a clear strategy for the future.

What is The British Hair & Beauty Collective

The UK Government has recognised the need for the Personal Care Sector to be given its own department within the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy  (BEIS) team to help with the many issues surrounding COVID-19, compliance and more moving forward.

The Hair & Barber Council and Salon Owners United have formed a collaboration called ‘The British Hair & Beauty Collective’  to represent the sector and talk to UK Government directly.

Keith Conniford, Registrar and CEO of The Hairdressing Council, trading as The Hair and Barber Council said: 

“The fragmentation of our sector has been an issue for many decades, one of the main reasons successive Governments have never taken our industry seriously. Very sad to say, this situation is becoming worse instead of better, and unless things change we will never be taken seriously or regarded as the professional industry we truly are. With the launch of this totally inclusive and equally represented Collective, we have a real chance to make a make a significant difference that will change the perception of our industry for generations to come.”

Salon Owners United founder Collette Osborne added:

“As a salon owner who employs many hair and beauty professionals and like many other salons, we feel there are far too many voices claiming to represent us, which can be very confusing. This has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the many challenges that now follow.”

Collette said:

It’s now time for us to be represented by those working in the industry for the industry. I am personally delighted that this much awaited change has finally come which will help to calm the confusion and build a more inclusive and supported industry.

Applications to join the The Hair & Beauty Collective will open soon.

For more information about the The Hair & Barber Council go to 

For more information about Salon Owners United go to Salon Owners United on Facebook. 

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