Saving Energy in the Hair Salon

by sophieh / October 1, 2008


With the cost of fuel on the rise and increased emphasis on monitoring our carbon footprint, saving energy has never been more important.

Jon MacLeod, creative director of Scottish salon group Paterson SA, offers his advice for simple ways to limit your energy usage in the hair salon.

  • Get the Team Involved

    There are many small ways to reduce your salon’s utility bills and getting your team to help and understand can have a huge impact on the success of any cost-saving venture. Make staff feel like part of the business so that they care about saving costs as much as you.

  • Introduce an Environmental Policy

    The easiest way to get your team interested in saving energy is by encouraging them to help look after the environment. This way, rather than being seen as a boss who is only interested in saving money, staff will see the good in what they are doing while at the same time bringing down running costs for the salon. Our policy educates the team, helps the environment and saves us money on water, electricity and gas – it’s a win-win situation.

  • Consider Disposable Towels

    We have recently introduced EasyDry disposable towels into the salons as part of our environmental policy and we can already see a cost reduction in electricity used. These are made from 100% recycled materials and are recycled after use. The savings made on electricity from not using a tumble dryer alone are huge.

  • Don’t Waste Water

    At the backwash, you should only run the water when you are actually rinsing, not throughout the whole process. Little changes like this could lower bills, but it may take some retraining for staff.

  • Use a Timer

    Setting your salon lighting on a timer and continually assessing this through the year can bring down electricity bills.

  • Shop Around

    Don’t necessarily have gas and electricity accounts with the same supplier. Shop around for the best deals on each and let suppliers compete for your business.



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