Product Closeup: Organic Colour Systems

by maryforester / last updated January 22, 2016


Organic Colour Systems are industry pioneers in the introduction to natural and organic based products to the salon professional market.

Their vision of the future is to be able to give clients the long-lasting hair colour they desire, whilst also maintaining the health of hair and protecting the client, and salon staff, from the effects of chemicals found in hair colour.

Switching to an organic colour can be daunting as a salon owner, we spoke to Olivia Crighton, owner of Glasshouse Salon in London Fields to find out why she loves Organic Colour Systems and the benefits it could bring as an option for your salon.


As a salon owner, what appeals to you about Organic Colour Systems?

When we think of natural and organic beauty we often assume it will be more limiting to work with. When I started working with Organic Colour Systems the first thing that struck me was just how well it compared to other companies in terms of the colour selection as well as levels of lift.

The key difference however, is hair condition. The tints don’t compromise the hair’s condition at all, leaving the hair in the exact same state as before colouring. It’s hard to comprehend just how important this is for us as stylists. 

Hair in good condition is much easier to work with and creates better colour results. Healthy hair is composed of 83-87% protein, 3% moisture, with the rest sugars, salts and fatty acids. Hair that is low in moisture can appear coarse, not taking colour well. However on the flip side, porous hair can go from extremes – looking too dark, flat or fading fast. Organic Colour Systems allows us to balance out these levels, creating a healthy hair canvas with colour results that reflect this.

Ingredients such as organic wheat and quinoa proteins reduce breakage – another common issue our clients have. It’s all about strengthening and rebalancing hair and the organic ingredients in these products make it much easier for us to achieve this. 

Organic Colour Systems use the lowest amount of chemicals and the highest proportion of organic ingredients, with all natural scents, no ammonia and the lowest possible levels of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine) minimising the risk of allergic reaction and irritation to scalp. For me it represents the most natural hair solution possible whilst achieving the best results. This is huge priority for me and the basis of Glasshouse Salon after working in the industry for so long.

Another massive benefit as a salon owner is the price point of the retail products – they’re affordable relative to other luxury haircare on the market. Ensuring our clients have the best possible education and homecare for maintaining colour and condition is integral to what we do. Clients can continue to see and feel the effects post-appointment and it brings them back time and time again. 

Finally, they use recyclable packaging, ethically-sourced ingredients and no animal testing in any of their products. I try and be as conscious as possible when it comes to the environment and I feel like this is a brand that’s very much in tune with my beliefs. 

Being a salon that uses such a niche range of products, what factors do you think have contributed to the success of the salon?

The fact that we are offering a niche in the market is absolutely an important factor for us and our clients. We’ve got a carefully curated mix of brands that we believe in and know about, so we’re able to give advice and recommendations based on our own personal experience and knowledge which people really benefit from.

Our location in East London definitely contributes to our success. We’re surrounded by creative, like-minded people who are interested in taking care of themselves, with a particular interest in doing things naturally and protecting the environment. 

I also just generally believe that there has been an increase in people looking for more natural-based alternatives to lots of things – whether it’s beauty products or food. We provide knowledge and expertise, as well as stocking a range of brands that are totally in line with Glasshouse ethos. All of this has hugely benefited our success.

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