How a paddle brush has changed my life

by kate woods / October 27, 2011

Could this be the best purchase I have ever made? EVER!


Not the ludicrous amount of MAC eye shadows – although Sumptuous Olive is pretty amazing! – the paddle brush.

I can’t say I don’t know how I lived without it, but I can whole-heartedly say I don’t know why I lived without it.

It has really hit home to me how effective a great product recommendation from a hairdresser can be because right now Andrea, who cut my hair, is up there with Robin van Persie in my list of the coolest men in the world!

And thinking about it, it is just about the best PR you can get. Here’s how the processed worked.

  • He asked me if I used a paddle brush and told me I needed one
  • He showed me how to use it – with no technical speak whatsoever
  • I tried to blow dry my hair once without it and realised he was right so went out and bought one
  • I haven’t had a bad hair day since so feel pretty darn good about myself!
  • A few people have asked me where I had my hair cut and I tell them HOB Salons at Camden.

Not sure whether the moral of this story is that hairdressers really should educate their clients in exactly what their hair needs or that everyone needs a paddle brush. Either way it’s a happy tale.



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