Hairoween – 3 Easy Low Maintenance Halloween Hairstyles for ‘Basic Witches’

by hjiadmin / last updated October 26, 2021

easy halloween hairstyles Margot tenenbaum

Inspire even the most Halloween-phobic clients with these no-fuss, easy Halloween hairstyles that will have them looking more ‘reem’ than scream.

Sleek Scarface Blow-dry 

If blood, guts and gore ain’t your client’s thing, why not suggest Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic Elvira Hancock hairstyle from film Scarface? It’s a classic look that’s rooted in Hollywood history and yet still looks cool in 2019.

Vicente Eixarch, Stylist, Gina Conway: “To achieve Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic Elvira Hancock hairstyle, first blow-dry with a round brush. Spray Aveda Volumising Tonic on the roots for a slight lift and to create some texture. For the mid-length and ends use Aveda Pure Abundance Style prep, this will leave hair smooth and hold the curl at the end of the hair in place.”

Feline Fine Cat Ears  

The Halloween cat is a fail-safe option. It’s perfect for clients who still want to make an effort, but without the hassle and expense. However instead of buying cat ears why not show your clients how easy it is for you to create cute cat ears out of their hair?

Sharon Malcolm, from Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing comments: “There are various ways you can create cat ears. First, create a zig-zag middle parting and take two ponytails on the side at the highest point of the ear level. Then, crimp the whole ponytail for a fluffy, soft-texture. Clip in some coloured extensions if you want a bit of colour; copper would look great with darker hair. Wrap a piece of hair around the base to hide the elastic.”

Vicente continues, “Alternatively, take two ponytails and wrap them into two tight buns and secure. Then spray with glitter for a party finish. Product-wise, you need to keep it to a minimal as you want the hair to have a soft fluffy texture like cat hair.” We recommend using foam roller rods, as demonstrated in the video below, to create a stable cat ear structure.

Margot Tenenbaum – Hair Accessory Queen

With hair accessories still firmly in the spotlight, who better to use as Halloween hair inspiration than angsty Margot Tenenbaum in Wes Anderson’s 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums?

Gina advises: “To create this style blow-dry hair straight using a paddle brush. To create the sleek finish, use a straightening iron. Finally, apply a tiny amount of smoothing fluid to smooth any flyaway hairs.” To finish the style off, attach two chunky barrettes either side of the parting.

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