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This is the Hair that Broke the Internet in 2019

by akesha / last updated December 13, 2019

2019 saw a lot of hair trends. While some would say they are old trends, here at HJ we like to think of them as reimagined. Here we look at the hair trends that got the most clicks on site in 2019…

The Mullet

Definitely the most divisive style on our list, the mullet sprang back into mode this year with a plethora of young celebrities sporting the statement hairstyle. From Billie Eilish to Finn Wolfhard celebrities were loving the 1970s style and many hairdressers relished the return, hoping that the more high-maintenance look would create a surge in clients returning to salon more regularly. Although not all high-profile mullets were purposefully created, with Billie Eillish admitting her style was the result of a dye job disaster.

Chunky Highlights

When the Kardashian-Jenner clan decide on a style you can bet that style will soon become a huge trend and that was definitely the case with chunky highlights. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to debut her chunky highlights in a bob styled by her go-to hairstylist Chris Appleton. A huge departure from the balayage boom of the last few years, the chunky highlights trend is a welcome change for colourists as the dramatic colour requires clients the return to the salon more regularly for touch ups.

The Shag

The mullet’s longer, more wearable counterpart also crept back into the mainstream this summer. Also from the 1970s this style was rocked by supermodel Gigi Hadid on her Mexico Vogue cover and was seen at fashion weeks across the Globe. The key to the look is a flattering fringe, with Cos Sakkas telling us, “it can be worn without one, but a fringe that skims the eyelashes really brings it to life.”

50/50 Hair Colour

This one can be seen as an extension of the chunky highlights trend spearheaded by pop star Dua Lipa. Dua got her duo-colour look with the help of the team at Nicola Clarke at John Freida. 50/50 colour usually  consists of two contrasting colours applied on the top half and bottom half of the head. To keep Dua’s pre-lightened hair from sustaining too much damage, the Nicola Clarke team used Virtue Labs ColorKick (which were a huge hit at Salon International).

eBoy Hair

Were you a fan of the boyband curtains hairstyle in the 1990s? Good! because it’s back but with a brand new name – eBoy hair. The look, which is parted gently in the middle (like a pair of curtains), has been adopted by eBoys around the world who are a part of the electronic music movement.

Scandi Blonde

Undeniably the blonde hue of the year, scandi blonde hit the headlines in March this year and was tipped to be the blonde of the summer. It’s a shade loved by the colourist and client alike as the platinum colour still draws on touches of warmth.

The Perm

Not the jheri curl or Dynasty-style perm. The effortless looking beach waves kind of perm that all of your cool clients are coveting. Jack Howard spearheaded the revival of the perm using balayage to frame the face and HairFlair Curlformers to create a permanent wave in the hair.

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