Spring/ Summer Hair Colour Trends

by sophieh / February 25, 2009

hazel.jpgSpring is in the air so it goes without saying that clients will be looking to spring clean their appearance – and what better way that with a change of hair colour?

Tim Scott-Wright, creative director at Lisa Shepherd Salons says that the key to great hair colour this spring/summer is to keep it simple.

“This season, colour should be about making the most of what you’ve got; creating gorgeous shades that simply make hair gleam.

“The colour doesn’t need to overly complicated, the rights tones placed correctly will give the most beautiful results.”

maple.jpgWhile highlights will never go out of fashion, block colour is the key look for hair this season – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Tim, who used block colour in his latest collection (pictured), says “I wanted to show that, contrary to popular belief, block colour can have dramatic twists and interpretations to keep the look commercially stunning yet technically intricate. 

“The colours and technique I have used for this collection give an internal glow whilst preventing the colour from looking too ‘all over’.”

“Block colours with different levels of light within the hair working on the same tone give stunning results.

Hilary-Duff-blonde.jpgMeanwhile Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color, reveals the key spring hair colour trends for brunettes, redheads, and blondes that are being inspired by celebrities this season. 


“When you’re a blonde, there are many different ways to play with your color without completing changing your base.  This spring, blondes will add more butterscotch highlights for
Jessica-Biel-brunette.jpgdimension, while still keeping their base medium blonde, rather than platinum…think Hilary Duff.  Many of my blonde clients love her colour and frequently ask for it, it is such a warm blonde!”  


“For my brunette clients, I’m adding a few highlights and making the base a lighter shade. 
Rose-McGowan-Redhead.jpgThink Jessica Biel… a medium base
 with caramel and honey highlights to brighten up the shade.”


“It’s all about being a BOLD redhead this spring!  The winter is over and it’s time to brighten it up and play with your hair colour.  Redheads will go lighter and brighter without being too dramatic… think Rose McGowan, she has a strawberry red shade with gold highlights on top to really make her color pop!”



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