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Perfect Clothes and Make-up For Every Hair Colour

by sophieh / May 8, 2009

Clothing and make-up play a major role in someone’s appearance, and getting it right is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

So, to help you advise your clients on what colours they should be wearing, top make-up artist Rupert Kingston, creative director of new<id cosmetics, and leading clothes stylist Sally Gallagher share their knowledge on what colours your clients should be opting for.

“The key to understanding the clothing colours that suit your clients perfectly, can be unearthed by the use of four simple category types: cool, warm, light and deep,” advises Sally.

Best Colours for Brunettes


Cool. Think Catherine Zeta Jones, Lily Allen, Victoria Beckham and Cher

  • Bright deep colours will suit.
  • Key colours – hot pink, royal purple, electric blue, emerald.
  • Best neutral colours for coats, trousers and key items are black, navy and occasionally white. 
  • Avoid salmons, olives, bright yellows and muted tones such as taupe or beige. 

Warm. Think Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole and Beyonce

  • Rich deep colours will suit best.
  • Key colours – mahogany, burgundy, golden brown, tomato red
  • Best neutral colours – black and dark chocolate. 
  • Avoid powder blue, sea green, light grey, dusky pinks.


  • The first mistake many women make is when they turn their hair darker, they feel paler and often opt for a darker foundation. The skin can always be warmed up with a bronzer.
  • With darker hair you can afford to go for heavy, dark smoky eyes – think Cheryl Cole.
  • The alternative to dark smoky eyes is to go for vampy lips and natural eyes, such as burgundy, plum or red lips. The key is heavy eyes or lips, but not both.
  • I personally prefer bronzers as opposed to blushers for brunettes. A light dusting of bronze on the cheeks is perfect for accentuating the cheeks. 
  • The safer eye colours for brunettes are lilacs, plums and blue tones. Avoid reds, corals oranges.
  • For lips, nude colours are fantastic.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to eyebrows and pencil them in, particularly if they are lighter than the hair colour.

How to create the perfect brunette

The Right Shades for Ravishing Redheads


Light and Warm. Think Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman, Anne Robinson.

  • Soft warm colours will suit best.
  • Key colours are apricot, primrose, mint, pewter
  • Best neutral colour – warm chocolate
  • Avoid pale pink, violet and light grey

Deep and Warm. Think Julia Roberts, Debra Messing, Isla Fisher, Susan Sarandon.

  • Deep, warm, vibrant colours will suit
  • Key colours – salmon, olive, mustard, and rust
  • Best neutral colours – varies from burnt browns to olive greens
  • Avoid grey and pink tones


  • For eyes greens are lovely on red heads, particularly deep olives and bottle greens. Alternatively sky blues work well too.
  • Just use one colour green all over the eyelid as a wash of colour.
  • Avoid heavy eyeliner. Red heads tend to have paler skin with freckles, so lighter make-up works best.
  • A light tinted moisturiser is perfect for showing off the natural beauty of freckly skin.
  • For lips, coral colours and orange tones are lovely. Apricots and fresh pinkie honey tones also work well.
  • For cheeks, definitely opt for a blush as opposed to a bronzer. Stick to salmon colours and corals.

How to create the perfect redhead 

The Perfect Pallet for Beautiful Blondes 


Warm and Light. Think Kate Winslet, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Goldie Hawn.

  • Light, warm, colours will suit.
  • Key colours – coral, turquoise, apple, green, peach
  • Best neutral colours – varies between taupe and navy
  • Avoid heavy deep or very cool colours

Cool and light. Think Jennifer Aniston, Elle Macpherson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Mirren

  • Light, soft, cool colours will suit
  • Key colours – rose pink, orchid, powder blue, lavender
  • Best neutral colours – greys
  • Avoid yellow based and primary colours.


  • Blondes can go two ways – there’s the Bridget Bardot loow with dark smudgy eyes amd pale lips, which works brilliantly with loads of blonde hair.
  • The alternative is a Kylie-inspired look which is much lighter and fresher.
  • For eyes, pastel greens and blues look great with plenty of mascara.
  • Fresh pink blusher works best on blondes as bronzers can look a bit synthetic
  • Electric blue mascara is a look that generally only works well on blondes.

How to create the perfect blonde



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