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The Mixie: How to Achieve the On-Trend Haircut

by eleanor / last updated January 14, 2022

Mixie haircut

The Mixie haircut has already been adopted by a number of celebrities and is set to be big news for 2022. Here’s how you can create the Mixie haircut on your clients in the salon.

What is the Mixie haircut?

The Mixie haircut is a meeting of two haircuts that have grown in popularity in the past year, the mullet and the pixie.

“This is a style that features longer hair hitting the shoulders at the back and on top is cut super short as with a pixie, with shorter layers to give variations in length,” says Dylan Brittain, owner of Rainbow Room International’s George Square Salon and international artistic director at Rainbow Room International .

Dylan Brittain

Why is the Mixie becoming more popular?

“With being in lockdown, so many clients are starting to become more experimental with their looks and opting for creative cuts just like this,” explains Dylan.

Many are also looking for effortless haircuts that require little styling. “This haircut is ideal for those who are looking for something a little more low-maintenance, as it looks great without the use of heated styling tools and instead by simply spritzing through a sea salt spray to give extra texture,” says Dylan.

Which face shapes work best for the Mixie?

Working out the best iteration of the Mixie in your client’s consultation is crucial.

“For those with more defined jaws, such as those with square face shapes, they may want some length to the sides and the front to give their look softness,” says Dylan. “Contrastingly, those with narrower face shapes may want to have their pixie cut shorter at the sides to add width and help balance out the face. A fringe can also look great when added to this haircut to give the finished style even more edge.”

Here’s how you can work out the best hairstyle for your client’s face shape.

What hair textures does the Mixie suit?

“The great thing about this look is that it works well for most hair types and it’s so versatile it can be adapted to suit the individual,” says Dylan. “Fine and thick hair types suit this look, however, it’s a particularly fantastic haircut choice for those with fine hair, as it gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair on the top. I also love this look with curly hair types, as by adding in some texturising spray this can really help enhance the curls and draw attention to them.

How should the Mixie be styled?

Before your client leaves the salon, tell them the best styling products – and how to best use them – to help their Mixie cut look its best. “My favourite products for styling this look are matte pomades, waxes and gels. Mousses and texturising sprays are also great and can be scrunched into damp hair to add body and enhance the hair’s texture,” advises Dylan.

” Texturising sprays can also be used on the finished look too for those who want to quickly style their hair and go in the mornings. We should also as always recommend that our clients use good quality hair care such as conditioning shampoos and conditioners and hair masks at home to keep their haircut looking its best in between appointments and free from split ends,” adds Dylan.

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