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A Micro Fringe Step by Step for Your Daring Clientele

by akesha / last updated July 3, 2019

The micro fringe are a huge trend for 2019 with Pinterest naming it as one of hottest searches for the site. Searches for baby bangs soared by 51% as we stepped into 2019 and they are just growing in popularity.

A micro fringe isn’t for the faint-hearted though, as the shape is dramatic and requires regular upkeep for clients. If you have a client that’s looking for something eye-catching and different then take a look at Philipp Haug’s step by step below for his style, titled ‘muse’.

“The muse for this look is fashion model Lera Abova, captured by photographer David Sims for Vogue Paris,” says Philipp. “What was interesting was the juxtaposition of beauty and edginess, strength and softness, ultimately femininity and androgyny. The inspiration for the shape is from the new American Embassy here in London which was designed by Kieran Timberlake. The facade has an unbelievable combination of squareness and roundness, which translated into a powerful style.”

micro fringes style by philipp haug1

Starting at the back of the head, work with parallel curved sections that are elevated at 90-degrees at the top of the section to follow the head shape. Then slightly graduate at the nape to create softness.

micro fringes style by philipp haug 2

At the side panel, hold hair at one-finger’s depth and cut parallel to the horizontal parting. Next, use a scissor-over-comb technique to create an undercut area. Then add detail through the hair on the hairline for added strength.

micro fringes style by philipp haug 3

Continue taking parallel horizonal sections until reaching the top of the side panels. Over-direct each section to a stationery guide, to create a graphic outline.

Moving onto the top panel, take parallel curved sections. Hold hair at 90 degrees to over-direct and disconnect the shape from the back area. The line is point cut, increasing the cutting line towards the front.

Using a hairdryer and cushion brush, dry hair from side to side to smooth the cuticle.

Take a very wide triangle section from the profile parting to the recession area on each side. Comb the hair to its natural fall with zero degrees of elevation before using a freehand technique to point-cut the hair from the inside out, to create a strong, rounded fringe.

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