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Men's Hair Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

by bathamm / October 8, 2009

Men’s hair has really come into its own in recent years, with inspirations from the 80s influencing a generation of men to be more experimental, and a strong 50s vibe generating an array of takes on the quiff.

Will spring/summer 2010 see a return to grunge-inspired long hair, or a continuing move towards more groomed, tailored looks?

A selection of top hairdressers give their take on what hair looks will be hot for men in the season ahead.

AJ Blackadder, group technical director, Andrew Barton Salons, London says that three distinct trends were evident on the catwalks of London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2010.

classic and sleek.jpgA very groomed, polished, blow-dried style.

“It was high-shine and almost brushed back – a nice change from the long fringes we’ve seen over the past few seasons. The styles are similar to a classic barber shop shape. Sheen products are crucial, nothing too greasy, moving away from the matte look that’s been so prominent.”

A real Brit cool look 

It’s all about the short back and sides, with length on top, but more importantly, texture and curl throughout. This is sometimes achieved by applying a slight demi-wave. The curly quiff is the more extreme side of this trend.

“Brit cool is definitely about moving from fluffy textures to something with a bit more control for a refined look. Fashion is so structured and tailored this season that the hair has to reflect that. In fact, there’s almost a slight geekiness to this look; it’s the big glasses, bow ties, tweed jackets with skinny jean and brogues. 

alex zane.jpg“Another side of the Brit cool look can be seen in the Alexander McQueen collection. It was a real East End gangster feel, a cross between Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist and the Krays. It’s edgy, polished hair, blow-dried with a whiff of 50s James Dean thrown in for good measure.”

Rock ‘n’ roll chic

This look incorporates all of these trends to some extent. It’s a smoother texture than Brit cool. If the hair is long it’s very well maintained. The grunge rock  ‘n’  roll look has almost gone – men are looking to be more polished and refined. It’s dressing up instead of dressing down.”

More trend predictions for men’s hair

  • Texture and movement

    “My prediction is that we will be seeing a lot more natural movement, rather than the sleek and straight looks we have been seeing this season. Lots of curls and texture, perfect for that relaxed summer look. Another trend likely to be popular is influenced by a strong 80s feel with a long, heavy fringe and shaved sides and back.”

    Jim Shaw, managing director of essensuals/essensuals Men, Billericay, Essex

  • Henry Holland.jpgLived-in beatnik style hair

    “There will be a massive beatnik influence in men’s hair and fashion this season. The past few years have seen men’s hair go from long and grungy to polished, preppy, neat and classic – but now I see it becoming more ‘lived in’. This beatnik generation came from a classic era, but was the transitional period of style before the hippies of the 60s.”

    James Pecis, session stylist, Bumble and bumble

  • A fusion of styles

    At London Fashion Week we saw a lot of rock ‘n’ roll-influenced hair – effortlessly cool with a nod to futurism. Think the movie Matrix meets Camden meets ‘Intelligent male’.”

    Tim Furssedonn, Toni & Guy session stylist and franchise director Toni & Guy, Gloucester Road, London

  • Distressed, understated hairstyles

    “The past year has seen a groomed style for men, which remains popular, but I feel this will change for the coming season. Spring/summer will see a more distressed look with loose unstructured styles, allowing men to become more adventurous. Hair will generally be bigger with much more volume being concentrated in quiffs as the 80s revival continues. James Dean will be an influential style icon for this season as the cool voluminous style plays centre stage. Curls will also see a comeback and will be worn in their natural state, allowing the curl to be big and relaxed. Longer hair will continue the natural trend with loose, dishevelled styles achieved with disconnected panels to give movement. For shorter styles, disconnected lengths will be very tapered through the front and worn away from the face.Colour will be understated to continue the masculine and natural feel of the season. Colours will be muted with the exception of blondes, which will be very bleached, reflecting the styles seen at Yves Saint Laurent.”

    Paola Fatteruso, advanced academy manager, Rush London

  • MArk Ronson.jpg50s-inspired hairstyles

    “Spring/summer 2010 will see 50s styles making a major comeback in men’s hair. A half-decadent, versatile, wedge-cut will be a strong trend – short at the neck and around the ears, but with a good length on top, which with a little product, can either be sleek or more textured as seen at the Phillip Lim 3.1. show at London Fashion Week.”

    Jonny Engstrom, creative stylist, Guy Kremer International, Winchester

  • Classic mens hairstyles

    “For 2010 men’s hair is working towards refined, classically-inspired cuts with shorter back and sides and longer length through the top for versatility, so it can be worn sleeker or with texture. Hair is slicked back and shiny, either worn with a deep classic parting as seen on the runway at D&G or without as sported by the models at Salvatore Ferragamo’s London Fashion Week show. Otherwise, clients will be opting for a more natural look, worn with rugged texture as seen at Bottega Veneta, perfect for those with thicker, wavier hair. Moving away from the obvious bleached blonde of 2009, men’s colour palettes will become much more muted and natural looking.”

    Akin Konizi, International creative director for hob salons 





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