Let’s Talk About Plex (and Bonding Products) – The Benefits for Clients and Colourists

by akesha / last updated January 8, 2020

Of all of the amazing innovations that have come from this last decade, plexes and bonding products have to be one of the best for the hairdressing industry. However, the benefits of the addition to chemical services can sometimes be lost on the client. Or worst they don’t know that they are getting added benefits with the addition of plexes or bonding products, with the salon absorbing the additional costs.

Often it can be that the colourists themselves don’t know how to inform the client on how the systems work exactly. Here we ask some industry insiders about their chosen plex system and how they advise their clients on the benefits.

How do bonding products work?

Bonding products work by firstly rebuilding any broken disulphide bonds within each hair strand. This repairs the hair shaft and makes each strand stronger and able to withstand damage that might be caused by chemical services. This is why the in-salon service is great to mix in with the chemical so it protects at the same time.

“It’s important to use something like Wellaplex during a colour service because it allows me as a stylist and my client to feel more confident and certain their hair will get a better and nicer looking finish when we’re done,” says Jonny Nightingale from Hive Salon.

Why are bonding products important?

No matter what’s caused the damage to the hair, a bonding system can help rebuild it. They are usually used in conjunction with colour or chemical straightening services as these can make hair more fragile and susceptible to breakage. However, they can also be provided as standalone treatments for clients that have been experiencing any other kind of damage.

“Bonding systems are so important now and work almost by holding the colourists hand,” says Tim Scott-Wright, owner of Tim Scott Wright at the Hair Surgery. “The beauty of Schwarzkopf Professional’s bonding products; Fibreplex, BC Fibre Clinix and BlondMe is that they make the impossible colouring jobs and the colour corrections that much more achievable. It’s a fool-proof way of colouring the hair without the damage.”

The impact of the systems have been felt by colourists worldwide in the small amount of time they have been around. “Plex has been around for a short while, but has already revolutionised the hair industry,” says Paul Chandler from Advanced Pro Salon. “In a nutshell, plex acts as a miracle reset for your hair, rebuilding the structure, strength and integrity by creating new bonds between sulphonate’s on protein strands.” Paul likens the restructuring like the runs on a ladder.

“It’s absolutely paramount to use a good bonding treatment when colouring hair in salon to minimise any potential damage & protect the hair fibre internally as well as externally,” says Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel. He swears by L’Oréal Professionnel Smartbond for a strong smooth finish. “It’s designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair and strengthen them during technical processes, such as lightening and colouring,” says Adam.

Bonding systems are so important now and work almost by holding the colourists hand

What do clients need to know?

“I always believe it is good to educate your client base when it comes to bonding systems and to explain how it works. It is so important they understand how they work to get the best results on their hair,” says Sarah Mason.

“Clients need to know about bonding systems because they reconstruct the hair making it stronger and more durable and it allows the hair to lift when bleaching without all the damage that comes along with it,” agrees Jonny.

Stocking and recommending the at-home element of the system is also key. This helps to maintain the work done in salon and is a key example of seamless up-selling.

Jo Martin, marketing director for Sally Europe, states that, “salon professionals should consider stocking these products as part of their retail offer as a way to further boost their bottom line and allow clients to achieve flawless salon results at home.” Jo recommends the Olaplex System, which is widely known amongst consumers due to their visibility on the high street and online as well as in salons.

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Lead image via Jonathan Turner and Sophie Gibson, Hooker and Young

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