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Follow these Tips for a Perfect Fringe this Winter

by hjiadmin / last updated December 17, 2018

Top tips for the perfect Winter fringe

Cos Sakkas the award-winning international artistic director at Toni & Guy believes a fringe can suit everyone and has the power to make a big difference to any hairstyle. He says: “Depending on the hair length, shape and texture, it depends which shape you opt for. You also need to take into consideration face shape and lifestyle. It should take minimum effort, work with your hair texture and be easy to look after.”

Below are his top nine tips to help you achieve the perfect fringe this season.

  1. Ensure the front hairline will be able to manage a fringe – for example a strong cowlick may not be suited to one.
  2. You have to consider the forehead size. A medium to large forehead allows the fringe to sit properly.
  3. For those with shorter foreheads it is best to sit the fringe as far back as possible which will allow you to create the illusion of depth.
  4. The face shape and chosen fringe shape will need to be opposites. If you are working with a round face, opt for a square cut; a wide face will need a narrow cut and so on.
  5. A fringe that flutters on the eyelashes will look modern, feminine and sexy.
  6. A pixie goes well with short hair, especially when styled choppy and soft.
  7. Disconnected, sweeping fringes are a perfect match for longer styles.
  8. Fine hair will benefit from the illusion of thickness that the right fringe is able to provide because of the blunter and thick perimeters.
  9. Finally, a curly fringe is a big commitment. They should always be cut while the hair is dry to allow you to see the true shape. Remove weight on shorter length curly hair to avoid a helmet-like look.

Discover more from Cos Sakkas via instagram @cossakkas or alternatively visit their website

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