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Everything you Need to Know About Brown Balayage

by akesha / last updated March 20, 2019

brown balayage

Balayage is the hair colour trend that will never die – it lifts and frames the face and gives clients that luxury look they want without the upkeep. For brunettes it means usually having to lighten up many levels before having the technique applied. However, the continual rise of brown balayage could be about to change the game this summer.

What is brown balayage?

Many think of balayage as a blonde colour but the technique can just as easily be applied to clients with darker hair. “When it comes to balayage, the rules of colour do not change with blonde and brunettes,” says Jack Howard, hair colourist and educator. “Like blondes, if any corrective colour needs doing then this will be completed first.”

What brunette tone does brown balayage suit more?

“In my personal experience of brunette balayage, clients desire a more natural cool brunette, rather than a warm tone. Brunettes want natural, vibrant, subtle and rich tones and aim to stay clear of brassy, red and artificial tones,” advises Jack.

What’s the best application method for brown balayage?

brown balayageFor brunette the most important thing when lightening sections is that the colour isn’t too stark and melts from the lightened section to the brunette tone seamlessly. For this Jack recommends his ‘money piece’ technique. “It’s a three-dimensional symmetrical application on the parting as it lightens up the face and brunettes prefer more of a soft transition rather than an application all the way to the roots.”

How often should clients be visiting the salon for upkeep of brown balayage?

While you don’t have to worry about roots with balayage, for longevity Jack recommends clients to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks for a hair cut and glazing treatment.

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