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What Are Our Colour Trends for Spring 2022?

by chloe / last updated April 1, 2022

blackcurrant hair trend

The clocks going forward this week marked the beginning of a new season, and with that, we bring you a few of our colour trends for spring 2022!

Get ready for longer days, more sunshine, fewer (clothing) layers and a surge of blonde clients. But blonde isn’t all we see on our bingo cards, we-spy COLOUR! From bright, rich tones to subtle, pastel hues – make yourself familiar with these spring pioneers.

Suzie McGill, artistic director at Rainbow Room International gave us the run-down on these ‘Fruit Pastel’ shades and how to achieve them in your salons. Without further ado…

Colour trends for spring 2022


strawberry hair trend spring 2022

“Pink hair never goes out of style and is favoured amongst blondes in the spring season to switch up their look and give it a playful appearance. This is great for clients who don’t want to go too bold and bright and are looking for something softer that gives a subtle wash of colour to their hair.

I love to use Schwarzkopf’s BLONDME Strawberry Toner to create a fashion pastel rose to give the hair colour a stunning rose gold/quartz-like effect with dimension and mega shine. With this shade, I always recommend that clients invest in a colour saving shampoo and conditioner to keep the pink long-lasting and improve the condition of the hair and give it a brilliant shine. As this shade is lighter in hue, I also recommend to clients to try and avoid heated styling where possible and when they have to use a heated styling tool, to always use a heat protection spray as heat will lead to the colour fading faster.”


lemon hair trend spring 2022

“Yellow is a statement, an all-eyes-on-you hair colour if worn all over but it can also be incorporated via flashes, panels and tie-dye techniques to give the hair added flair. This colour really does push the boundaries and is a very mood-enhancing colour. Almost rebellious, this shade looks great with a punk style cut or buzz cut for a super quirky look. The great thing about this shade is that clients don’t need to worry about warmth/brassiness and trying to take this out! Instead, the warmer the better with this shade. This is such a pop art/Gen Z hair colour and looks beautiful when styled straight and sleek to show off the vibrancy of the colour.

With this shade clients should again, try to use a colour saving/enhancing shampoo and conditioner and good hair care treatments that will keep the colour locked in. Regular trims at the salon with these high fashion shades are also a must and will keep the colour looking it’s best and the hair free from damage.”


orange hair trend spring 2022“This season we take copper to the next level with more intense, vivid orange and neon shades being highly sought after by clients. These look particularly great on shorter haircuts, giving the hair look added edge and quirkiness, but also look gorgeous on longer lengths, giving a high shine to the hair.

orange hair trend spring

For clients opting for this hair hue, we always recommend coming into the salon after a month or two to have a Schwarzkopf Chroma ID Bonding Colour Mask Treatment. This keeps the orange shade bold and shiny and allows the colour to last longer. This is such a fun hair colour but it’s also versatile and can be altered to suit the client’s skin tone. I particularly love this colour on those with pale skin as it adds warmth and a lovely glow to the complexion. Shine sprays and serums are a must to use on this colour to further enhance it and give it a glass-like shine.”


blackcurrant hair colour trends spring 2022

“With the Pantone of the Year being Veri Peri, purple is one of THE colours this year and shades of lilac and lavender will be particularly prominent in the spring/summer season. However, blackcurrant and plum tones are perfect shades of brunettes who want to experiment with the trend without having to lighten their hair. This colour gives the hair a gorgeous glimmer and is a unique hue from the more classic pink and copper pastel hues that come back on trend year after year.

subtle blackcurrant colour trends

To keep purple hair vibrant in tone, purple shampoo can be used every couple of weeks by the client at home. Hair masks and treatments should also be carried out regularly to keep the hair from drying out and the purple looking beautiful and opulent.”

Which pastel is your favourite? Dip your hand in the bag and pick a colour to try on your next client. Spring 2022 is the time to experiment!

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