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90s Hair is Here to Stay

by Sian Jones / last updated June 10, 2022

Spice Girls 90s

Nineties hair has been making a comeback for a while now (think space buns, pigtails and blow outs) and it looks like the 90s hair trend is here to stay.

Gen-Z have taken our high school hair-fails and turned them into smash-hits. So with a burst of nostalgia and the determination to get it right this time, let’s see the throwback stars of the 90s hair revival…

Criss-Cross Ponytails

You may have forgotten about this hairstyle that’s been doing the rounds on social media recently as demonstrated by TikToker @Wendypearlorr. The look is fun and doesn’t require extensive products or time, you simply part hair in the middle and make two bunches on each side, then cross them over to give some volume – one to remember for your clients ahead of festival season.


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♬ original sound – Wendy Pearl Orr

Baby braids

Of all the 90s hairstyles we tried to forget from our school days baby braids probably comes top of the list, but this 90’s look has had a serious upgrade and we’re welcoming it back with open arms. No longer paired with a greased back ponytail, the 2022 baby braid is a looser style, sitting alongside soft waves in a nod to the 70s or a tighter braid with a pony for those who want to go for more of a 90s grunge look.


When you hear the words “nineties” and “pigtails” you think Baby Spice and Baby One More Time. But can clients wear this hairstyle even when they’ve a grown up? Yes they can. Celebs like Tessa Thompson, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have given the pigtail some serious zigazig ah so it looks like for now, pigtails are here to stay.

Fluffy 90s Blow Out

If cute braids aren’t your client’s thing then tempt them with the bouncy, blow out. The iconic 90s blow out is a big, classic hairstyle that brings back memories of Cindy Crawford on the red carpet and Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and we love how celebs such as Hailee Steinfeld and Addison Rae rock this chic look.

Take a look at the haircuts all the Gen Z boys want.

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