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Myth-Busting Common Hair Extensions Concerns

by akesha / last updated July 30, 2019

hair extensions concerns

Extensions have really advanced throughout the years and the innovations from brands have made them one of the most coveted services offered by salons and stylists. Yet some potential clients are still reluctant because of previous misconceptions of the service. We have asked some of the best in the business advice on how to quell some of the most common hair extensions concerns.

Extensions feel heavy

“Hair extensions shouldn’t feel heavy at all. Depending on the method, the ratio of hair applied should be 1:1. If clients experience hair extensions being heavy it could be the hair extensions are too long or there is too much applied to the hair.” Abigail Butler, founder of Strictly Xtended. Victoria Lynch, founder of Remi Cachet agrees, “Extensions should always be applied to equal amounts of support hair and avoid going too long that adds the extra weight, even for those craving the mermaid locks.”

Extensions won’t blend/match my hair

“Colour matching is a very important process when providing a hair extension service. With so many brands offering beautiful blends such as mixed, highlighted, ombre and even balayage shades. Finding the right shade to blend with your hair colour shouldn’t be a problem,” says Abigail.

Extensions are too hard to maintain

“When cared for correctly, extensions should be fairly easy to manage. When a client visits the salon for a consultation, I always discuss the aftercare regime for the specific method they are enquiring about or booked in for. This is again explained when they are receiving their fitting. It’s extremely important that clients follow the aftercare routine to ensure they maintain their extensions, as this helps then last as long as possible whilst also looking and feeling fantastic.” Michelle Griffin, founder of LoxBox.

The upkeep is too expensive

“Having hair extensions can be costly. So, you would need to consider a long-term plan on whether it would work for you and your finances. Although it may seem expensive to maintain, everyone has different requirements when It comes to hair extensions. As this can have a life changing impact. Especially if you have thin, fine hair or your hair doesn’t grow which can result in low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Depending on what you require hair extensions for, all depends on the value you place on the upkeep,” says Abigail.

Extensions will damage my hair

“Expert application and good maintenance will prove that extensions really don’t damage your hair,” says Victoria. “In fact, they are successfully used to improve your hair’s own condition in part because you are taking greater care of your own hair and scalp as well as extra TLC with your extensions in.

She continues, “Precise application with neat sections, with the correct balance of hair, not attached too high or too tight, will ensure that that the client will not suffer from pulling, headaches and breakage normally associated with damage. Stylists wanting to perfect their application should invest in education with reputable training providers, endorsed by HABIA that offer a good level of practical training in your chosen application method.”

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