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Meet the Newest Hair Extension Brand on the Block

by charlottegw / last updated July 15, 2019

london hair lab

Hair extensions experts Vixen & Blush have created a prestigious salon-only extension brand, The London Hair Lab.

Born out of a requirement and gap in the market for the highest quality hair extensions for high end hairdressers, the London Hair Lab is a large wholesale distributor of the highest quality of Russian Virgin Hair. They proudly sit as a niche hair extension brand used by prestigious salons including Samantha Cusick, Daniel Granger, Hari’s, Hershesons, Leo Bancroft to name but a few.

The London Hair Lab only distributes hair to hair extension specialist salons who prefer to work with salon-exclusive brands. It holds a unique supply of the world’s finest hair from a single source within Russia. The hair is ethically sourced from within Russia through one of the world’s oldest and most established hair collection networks.

The hair extensions are made to reflect current colour trends with lots of dimension and rooted shades ensuring better blending. The London Hair Lab’s range of multi-tonal shades is carefully designed to allow the hair extensions expert to build dimension while lengthening the clients hair. Using complementary colour combinations a stylist is able to match each and every subtle high and low present in the client’s own hair.

Training is one of the central pillars to The London Hair Lab’s growth with which they take an individualised approach. Often described as a Master Class, they bring together experienced stylists from different salons who can then discuss their approach to their own service offering and discuss ways to improve it and make it more profitable.

Hair is available in pack sizes starting at just five strands. Stylists are able to use a variety of shades on an individual client. They provide industry-leading Habia-approved education and training to elevate the offering for clients seeking better colour matched natural-looking hair extensions across the UK.

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