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HJ x Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Competition: What Does it Take to Win?

by eleanor / last updated November 15, 2021

The HJ x Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Competition 2021 took place at Salon International and our winners wowed the judges with their creativity and expert application of their hair extensions. But what does it take to win this prestigious competition?

The judging always focuses on the skills of the extensionist, from the colour blend, the suitability of the extensions, the precise application execution as well as the cutting blending. We caught up with the winners of the three categories (Classical, Creative and Overall Winner) on how they each created their looks and their tips and tricks for entering hair extensions competitions…

HJ x Remi Cachet Hair Extensions Competition

Hair Extensions Competition

Classic Look of the Year Winner: Alex Ferris

Get the look:

1. Preparation is fundamental to Alex, so neat sections were key to the application. With the sides clipped up and out the way.

2. Working with 20” Remi Cachet Ultra Tip hair extensions as a micro ring method (with a total of 90 extensions in colour T7-55/60 for the main volume) Alex used the width of two fingers as a measure in from the perimeter and following the shape of the hairline from ear to ear as she applied the bonds. She created created a brickwork pattern with each row building up and filling in the gaps.

3. At the end of each row, Alex checked the hair was sitting flat and bonds in line. If not, she would remove and redo a bond.  Her top tip for achieving this during application is to hold your hands down when placing the tip inside the lock, to ensure the bonds lie in the direction of the hair.

4. The additional 40 Ultra Tips in T5-55 were added at the top and front to be slightly lighter around the face. The T5 root stretch also matched the models own root perfectly and was a better choice to be seamless.

5. Then, for the glamorous waves the hair was sectioned into three (each side and the back) and clipped.

6. Holding the tong horizontally, Alex wrapped the hair over the top of the 24mm Diva Pro Tong and around before holding for around 8 seconds.

7. Alex then released and pulled the hair to loosen to create the desired degree of wave. She repeated and sprayed with a light hairspray for every row.

8. With a wide tooth comb, she combed out the hair and repeated with a smaller tooth comb to create better waves.

9. Finally, she finished with a little hairspray – but not too much that it was weighted down and a hair clip to hold the hair from the face at one side.

See more of Alex Ferris’ work here

Hair Extensions Competition

Creative Look of the Year – Sianna Mundy

Get the look:

1.Firstly, Sianna coloured the model’s hair using Redken Colour Gel 3N all over.

2. Applying the 100g 20” Remi Cachet Nano Tip Extensions in shade T5-55, Sianna worked in a brickwork formation with a 2 inch gap around the whole hairline to allow for wearing the hair up. Her tip is to leave a finger width gap between each row of extensions to help prevent any matting by the natural hair shed throughout the until the refit.

3. Sianna ensures her individual sections lay flat in the direction of the hair and head – your sections should never bend or stick out as this will cause tension.

4. Then, section by section from the base of the hair line, Sianna blended and melted Pulp Riot colours together, working with Satire and Decoy, and custom mix combination of Velvet and Jam also. For example, painted Jam at the root, then the mid lengths were painted in Decoy, before painting Satire on the ends. Using two fingers, she blended the colours together to give a soft colour melt from purple, blue and yellow.

5. With her preferred choice of a razor, she cut the extensions to blend the hair as this prevents any blunt ends which can be difficult to maintain for clients.

6. She added the fishtail braid to the overall style to lift-up some of her natural dark hair to allow the colours on the extensions to show more.

7. For the end styling, Sianna worked with a large barrel curling wand with some Moroccan Oil Heat Defence spray, before brushing out with a soft bristle brush and finishing with Redken Wind Blown finishing spray.

See more of Sianna Mundy’s work here

Hair Extensions Competition

Overall Winner – Joanne Fox 

Get the look:

1.Joanne sectioned the hair to work in a horseshoe section to sit parallel to the shape of the hairline, giving a natural flow to the hair.

2. Working with 45cm extensions Great Lengths, Joanne customised her bonds to ensure each bond matched the density of the model’s hair and not to overweigh the hair.  This is crucial as she wears her hair up too. She had 50 full bonds and 100 half bonds to work with in three shades – 70, 72 and 73.  All the bonds were prepped and trimmed to remove half the bond.

3. Joanne applied full bonds to the back and middle sections in a tracking method fading up at the top. Half bonds were applied to the sides, perimeter and top rows swapping to a brickwork pattern here for a more natural coverage.

4. Opting not to pre-blend the bonds this time, Jo alternated the copper shades.

5. All the bonds were cylinders as Joanne prefers the neatness a cylinder bond gives, as well as the day-to-day flexibility these offer the wearer with no angles sticking out. She always checked that the bond is sealed at the top and bottom, and that it is small, smooth, and sealed.

6. Her top tip for creating these bonds is down to perfect sectioning – straight, neat, not too close to the scalp, no cross hairs, and the correct density for the attachment.

7. Styling-wise, Joanne used a Babyliss 32mm Tong, using Remi Cachet Brush & Blow to brush out and a comb to tweak the bouncy curls before spraying with L’Oréal Infinium Hairspray and Shine Spray.

See more of Joanne Fox’s work here 

Want to enter the Hair Extensions Competition next year? Stay tuned to Salon International and check out the past entry guidelines here.

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