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5 Myths About Hair Extensions That Your Clients Should Know

by charlottegw / October 9, 2017

From being high maintenance to ruining hair, extensions can get a bad rep. But actually they needn’t be a ‘hair raising’ issue. Leigh Snider, Lead Educator for Hair Rehab London, talks through common misconceptions around salon professional clip-in hair extensions. Here’s how to answer your client’s most asked questions:

“Won’t hair extensions ruin my hair?”

Leigh says; “Not if applied correctly. In fact, correct and professional application, maintenance and after care can sometimes improve the condition of natural hair. This is because the wearer tends to style their hair extensions more so than their own natural hair, leaving it to repair and grow with minor disturbance.”

Hair Rehab London Blonde Hair

“Won’t people be able to tell I have hair extensions? I want to look natural!”

Leigh says; “With a precise colour match that blends well, most on-lookers won’t notice that hair isn’t your own. If your shade isn’t available, human hair extensions can be custom dyed. Your extensionist should also apply the correct number of strands to suit you. This varies with each client –  some may need a full head of hair extensions, others just a half head.”

“Aren’t hair extensions difficult to maintain?”

Leigh says: “I’m always honest with my clients and tell them that hair extensions shouldn’t be worn by those with no hair care regime whatsoever. BUT, as long you are prepared to dedicate a bit of TLC to them, you’ll love them.”

“Don’t hair extensions cost a fortune?”

Leigh says: “Treat their hair like an investment – if you purchase poor quality hair, you’ll have to replace it pretty quickly which is a false economy. Hair Rehab London extensions will last up to 9 months with regular maintenance appointments (every 6-8 weeks depending on each client’s hair growth). My maintenance appointments are 50% cheaper that the initial application and use the same hair throughout.”

“What about clip-in hair extensions? I’ll be hopeless at applying them correctly”

Leigh says: “Clip-in hair extensions can look professional with little effort. They’re a great option for hair extension beginners or those who don’t want to opt for salon pro ones. With Hair Rehab London’s clip-ins, CEO Lauren Pope has made them accessible to everyone – her hair tutorials easily teach newbies how to apply each product.”



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