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What is the Best Hair Extension Method for Each Hair Type?

by akesha / last updated July 11, 2019

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Not all hair extension methods work for different hair textures and choosing the wrong method for a hair type could result in damage. Knowing your clients hair type and lifestyle will help you to make the best decision for a perfect look.

If your clients has fine hair

“Firstly I tell my clients; ‘You will be surprised that so many women are in the same boat as you,'” says Abigail Butler, founder of Strictly Xtended. “What’s great to know is that their are a number of methods that work really well. You might want to consider tape hair extensions as an option as this works well with fine to medium hair.”

Jay Birmingham, owner of Jay Birmingham Hair, agrees. “For clients with fine hair I always recommend Beautyworks InvisiTape extensions. This is due to the seam of the tape extensions being ‘scalp effect’ meaning if the client’s hair is finer in certain areas, the extensions won’t be visible.”

If your client has Afro hair

“For client’s with Afro hair, I think a weft is the best option for them. A full weave can be fitted right up to the client’s parting allowing you to braid away a lot of the natural hair and then sew the weft flat to it,” says Jay.

If opting for a weft on tracks of hair (which are braided with hair out in between) Abigail advises extra care. “If the hair is chemically straightened or naturally straight this shouldn’t be a problem but you might want to consider methods such as braids, weaves or wigs that allows the client to have their hair put away and still achieve a desired look.”

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If your client wears their hair up a lot

“Definitely consider a method that lays really flat to the head and is not noticeable. Tapes, Flat bonds and braid less weaves are a great option to consider. You can even adapt the technique to cater for this,” says Abigail. Jay also advises using multiple methods which he calls his ‘Pick n Mix’ signature service.

If your client wants low commitment

Nowadays most clients would fall into this category with many clients  after fuss-free styling and this is still possible with extensions. “I advise working with what the client has, maybe add some thickness with a few bonds or add colour splashes with tapes,” says Jay. He also advises clip in extensions for a “low commitment style as they can be applied and removed at the clients own convenience.”

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