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The Answers to your Clients’ Most Burning Extensions Questions

by laurahusband / last updated February 24, 2020

Extensions Questions

Committing to extensions is a big deal for your client, especially if they are completely new to this method of styling. Here is HJ’s Extensions 101 with some of your clients’ most frequently asked extensions questions and expert tips on how to answer them…

Extensions questions:

“I’m nervous about looking after my hair extensions and keeping my hair clean between salon visits. Do you have any advice?”

“Good aftercare is so crucial and it’s important that you inform your client how to get it right,” explains Victoria Lynch, founder of Remi Cachet. “It’s worth emphasising that not only will they look their absolute best at all times but the extensions will also last longer. Offer practical tips like using the correct aftercare products and brushes and tying the hair up for the gym and bedtime. You should talk your client through the full care programme and tailor it to suit their lifestyle. With a new year just starting, it’s the perfect time for encouraging your clients to get into good hair routine habits.”

“I’ll be wearing hair extensions for the first time. How do I choose the right thickness and length?”

One of the most common concerns for those who are planning to wear extensions is whether they will be natural-looking. While super long and super exaggerated hair definitely appeals to some wearers, many women prefer a look that naturally enhances what they have. How can we as hair professionals explain to clients that a natural blended look is achievable? Charlotte Boyes from Hairdreams Salon, The H.I.V.E in Leeds says: “Firstly, advise your client to come in for a consultation where she’ll meet with a qualified extensionist who will explain how many strands and the length they will require. Also emphasise the fact that your client’s hair can only be double its natural length for a natural blend. It is important to have the correct weight attached to each strand of extension as this will keep the hair from being pulled and feeling strained by the weight over time.”

“How do I choose the best extensions method to suit my hair type and lifestyle?”

Once your client has decided to wear extensions, one of the next burning questions will be which type to choose. The extensions market is so varied today from clip-ons and bonded to the tape method and rings that it can be overwhelming for a new extensions client. Louise Jenkins, creative and education manager at Great Lengths UK said: “Ensure your staff can offer your clients the right advice on the best method of extensions to choose. Great Lengths extensionists are trained to determine what method of application is suitable for each hair type and density. As part of our education programme, stylists learn how to consult to ensure they choose the right method for the right hair type but also the right method to suit the clients’ lifestyle and desired maintenance.”

“How can you match my coloured hair with the correct extensions?”

Colour application is complicated at the best of times and it’s further compounded when you are faced with having to colour match your client’s hair with extensions. This is likely to be a cause for concern for your client when they decide to opt for extensions. Balmain’s general manager Liane Hoskyns-Brown says: “We try to match the hair with the Balmain Colour Ring at the consultation. If there is no suitable match, we ask the client to send us a picture of the hair shade taken in natural light conditions. A Balmain technical advisor recommends a colour match from our vibrant spectrum. If the match isn’t close enough the added hair can be coloured with the same shade. This undetectable blending works with the single tonal added hair. At Balmain Hair Couture we always work closely with the client and their hairdresser to create the perfect match.”

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