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5 Hair Extensions Problems and How to Fix Them

by charlottegw / last updated July 12, 2019

hair extensions problems

From blending to after-care, we’ve compiled a list of common hair extensions problems and asked the leading experts how to fix them.

“I find it difficult to blend hair extensions into my client’s natural colour – what can I do to create a more seamless blend?”
Sometimes, it can be hard to blend a client’s hair colour with the extensions, especially if the natural hair has very fine highlights or has a multitude of different tones. For these clients, I would customise my bond size, cutting the bonds in half or a third and mix the extension colours, much the same as adding highlights to a client’s hair. This will create a seamless blend and provide a totally bespoke finish, allowing me to add as many different colours as is needed.

James Henderson Great Lengths certified stylist and salon owner of M Hair, Nottingham

“A client isn’t looking after her extensions properly – what can I do?”
If a client is not looking after their extensions correctly, firstly I get them to run through their haircare routine in their own words and let them how me how they brush it. I can then make suggestions on how to use their aftercare products more effectively too. By the next visit there should be some improvement, but if not then I suggest a weekly blow dry to keep on top of it myself.

Joanne Fox, Remi Cachet Super Stylist, owner of Hair by Jo Fox, Hartlepool 

“The hair extensions tracks are showing – what can I do to make them look more discreet?”
When picking the right method for our clients we look at three main points of someone’s hair. The hair density at the root, their texture and their cut / style. Root hair density can vary from each person. Natural blondes tend to have slightly finer hair density for example. Very fine hair is usually more suited to strand by strand extensions such as micro bonds, fine to medium would be suited to micro rings, and thicker hair types are able to have all three. The texture of someone’s hair can play a big part in picking the right method too. For example naturally curly hair would be much better suited to micro rings as the lay and grow out flat to the root. Also, look at your clients current cut and style. Someone with a short graduated bob for example that wants to add length, would need a more detailed consultation and might need her expectations managing.

Danielle Pink, creative director at Vixen & Blush, London

“Clients are complaining that their extensions are weighing them down and giving them headaches – what can I suggest?”
The best method I’d recommend would be to use tape extensions as they are incredibly lightweight. Wefts will weigh down fine hair and you need to apply the correct method depending on the clients hair type – for instance for fine hair I’d recommend using Tape Extensions. The actual haircut and layering is very important this will make it easy for the client to manage and style and ensure they are aware that hair extensions do need consistent maintenance and care. If you really have to use bonds try to use mini’s as they won’t be as heavy and look more discreet throughout the hair.

Jay Birmingham, owner Jay Birmingham Hairdressing, Birmingham

“My client is trying extensions for the first time. She has fine hair and wants something low commitment, what would you recommend?”
I think the perfect client is those with fine hair, as you are able to transform her look.Hair extensions don’t have to just add length they can be used to add volume, strengthen up a base shape or to add colour into the hair. For fine hair and first-time clients that perhaps want low commitment I would recommend slimline tape extensions and applying them as singles, so they blend with the natural hair. Traditionally you would apply extensions double, but this can be too bulky for fine hair. Showpony have single tapes just for this type of client. Skin weft hair tape is also single drawn which allows a natural taper which looks more natural.

Jo Robertson, Showpony educator

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