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Step up your Toning Service with Wella Professionals

by akesha / last updated April 29, 2020

Wella Professionals Toning Service

Salons take note – if you’re not an expert in the blonde toning service then it’s time to step up. Research shows that 51% of professional salon colour services are with a blonde shade. Plus, blonde is the most requested colour service, and it’s growing by 6%, according to beauty analysts Kantar Worldpanel.

Why is a toner essential?

Wella Professionals technical director for the UK and Ireland Robert Eaton says blonde toning is essential for any blonde service. “No blonde client should leave the salon without having had a toner to perfect their blonde. This is what turns an average blonde into an incredible blonde,” he says. And let’s be honest, what salon wants to be offering average? Wella Professionals is renowned for its stunning blonde shades, but the toner are not just about head-turning colour.

Use toner to boost your profits

This is a business opportunity for any salon that will help boost profits. Toners offer the perfect upsell during a client’s blonde service appointment, as well as providing an in-between colour service for a quick colour refresh.

“Blonde toning with Color Touch is perfect for porous hair as it is infused with Keratin,” says Robert. Shades can be intermixed to create the perfect peach, mink, pink or grey tone, or you can simply use a toner to give gloss and enhance the blonde that you’ve created.

“It might seem like a subtle difference, but we all know that blonde clients are the most demanding and the tiniest difference in shade makes a major difference,” he adds. Choose from Color Touch, which is Wella’s low commitment, multi- faceted hair colour for a client who likes to change up their tone regularly. Alternatively, Color Touch Relights contains no depth, so it is ideal for keeping your blondes bright and tonal.

rob eaton toning services with wella

Robert Eaton’s Tips for Toning

Step 1

Prep the hair prior to toning using BLONDOR Seal & Care after the removal of any BLONDOR product. This is specifically formulated for lightened hair. It conditions lightened hair whilst neutralising and returns the PH- value to give more shine.

Step 2

Never start at the front hair line when applying toner. This is where hair is finest and most porous so it will develop quickly. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product as you apply it and colour the front hairline last.

Step 3

Don’t be scared to leave the toner to work to its maximum potential. Don’t remove it too soon as you need to allow the pigment to develop.

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