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Is This the Red Hair Colour that Transcends Seasons? [How To]

by akesha / last updated July 1, 2019

Universally, summer seasons see a spike in blonde and lightening services whereas brunettes and reds come into season around early autumn. However, this red hair colour could change everything. “While vivid copper is a striking choice for those who don’t like to blend in, auburn is copper’s rich, universally-flattering cousin,” says Rena Parrock, colour specialist at Salon Services – the colourist behind this look.

The richness of the pigment gives hair a healthy glow in the summer months so it’s not a shade that is the perfect recommendation for clients wanting to elongate their summer glow.


red hair colour before

To create this look, you will need the following Lômé Paris products:

Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 5.4 Light Brown Copper
Oxycream 10 Vol./ 3%
Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 8.04 Light Blonde Natural Copper
Permanent Hair Colour Crème, Reflex 7.44 Blonde Deep Copper
Oxycream 5 Vol./ 1.5%
Post colour shampoo

1. To begin, create a shadow root using Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 5.4 and Lômé Paris 10 vol/ 3% Oxycream
2. For mid lengths & ends, mix three quarters of Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 8.04 with one quarter of Lômé Paris Permanent Hair Colour 7.44 and Lômé Paris 5 vol/ 1.5% Oxycream
3. Leave this to process for 40 minutes

Tip: Apply the root colour in a v shape at the back of the head to give an effortless and natural-looking blend.

4. Rinse thoroughly & lock in the colour using Lômé Paris Post colour shampoo, then apply a small amount of colour mask & finish with colour care conditioner
5. Apply Lômé Paris Thermo Spray to towel dried hair & blow-dry giving the hair volume
6. Then, create a loose wave with Barnum Magnesium Straightener and brush this out
7. Finally apply a light mist of your chosen hairspray dependent on the hold you require

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