pulp riot hair colour launches in the uk

Pulp Riot Hair Colour has Launched in the UK – We Interview the Founders

by akesha / last updated April 10, 2019

If you have ever seen amazing rainbow, vivid hair colour creations on Instagram, chances are at least a few of them have been made with Pulp Riot hair colour. An now finally, UK colourists can get their hands on the range, which has launched to salons in the UK exclusively with Salons’ Direct – distribution partnerships with Alan Howard, Aston and Fincher, and Capital Hair will follow.

The brand was the brainchild of hairdressers David and Alexis Thurston who also own Butterfly Loft Salon in in California with the fact they were hairdressers first and founders after adding to their brand ethics.

The duo see the products as the paint and the colourists as the artists who bring the canvas to life. It’s this line of thinking that helps to make the brand one of the most engaged hair brands on Instagram, only further aided by their digital-only approach to marketing and communicating with colourists.

To learn more about this exciting brand we spoke to David and Alexis whilst they were in London for the UK launch. Watch below.

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🌈EXCLUSIVE🌈 interview with @pulpriothair founders @davidbutterflyloft and @alexisbutterflyloft as they answer our questions about @pulpriot.uk Questions 🌈 How did you come up with your brand concept and aesthetic? 🌈Why have creative colours become so popular in recent years? 🌈Why did you decide to become a digitally focussed brand? 🌈What’s the secret to being one of the fastest growing beauty brands? 🌈What colour trends do you predict for this year 🌈Which colour trends are you bored with now? 🌈What are the pros and cons of working as part of a duo? 🌈How is the UK colour market different to the US market? 🌈Why does the UK need a brand like Pulp Riot? #pulpriot #rainbowhair #pulpriothair

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