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This Hairdresser Has Updated the Humble Perm

by akesha / last updated July 26, 2019

The perm hasn’t aged well. Often when referred to nowadays imagery of tight ringlets on mature clientele or an 1980s jheri curl are conjured. The idea of ‘doing a perm’ isn’t something that you would think of your Gen Z clients requesting to stay on trend but the perm has had a makeover and we are ready to bring the service into 2019…

Firstly, A perm might not be what you think it is

A perm is short for ‘permanent wave’. So you might think Dynasty style coiffing but it doesn’t have to be remotely like that. Chemicals are used to break and reshape the bonds of the hair to create a wave or curl that’ll last for months.

But how is the old perm different to the new perm?

“The new perm is simple and beautiful,” says Jack Howard the hairdresser bringing the services back on trend with the addition of soft colour called Permage. “It’s set for a revival because clients love some movement, wave and volume in their hair; by adding in a plex during the process the hair stays strong and the result is nice and soft. This is bespoke, just like a good colour – you don’t have to perm in a rigid set pattern, you can decide which way and where to place the curls to suit the client.”

the perm how to make the old new

“Just as highlights were modernised with the introduction of balayage, this is the new, bespoke incarnation of the perm. It’s an obvious addition to any salon’s service list as it doesn’t compete with cut and colour so offers more scope for growth in revenue,” concludes Jack.

So, how do you do it?

“I use Curlformers which set the hair into a beautiful shape – no more winding tight onto rods,” advises Jack. “You don’t need to wait for it to ‘drop’ into the right shape – how you set it is what you get. I use the Barrel Curlformer which just gives a really gentle wave which lasts for 6-8 weeks, and by colouring at the same time we can frame the face for really gorgeous beach-inspired hair.”

I want to learn!

Good news, Jack Howard is teaching at London’s Hunter Collective on the 22 October. The session is called Hairflair Education: Introduction to Permage with Jack Howard. Jack will demonstrate the technique from start to finish on a live model in the morning, while dispelling myths and fears about perming and colouring. In the afternoon, delegates will practise the techniques on a tuition head with help and support from Jack.

The price for the session is £300 and you can book now by clicking here

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