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Do You Know The Vivid Colour Commandments?

by charlottegw / last updated December 20, 2019

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More clients are moving over to the bright side, but there are a few vivid colour rules you will need to live by if you want to give your clients vibrant and  long lasting results.

Thou shalt be brutally honest

“We email all of our vivid colour clients in advance to warn them that they will need to be prepared to be in the salon all day and we even suggest bringing a packed lunch! When your client asks: ‘When will this start fading?’ I look them straight in the eye and reply with confidence: ‘Straightaway’. Never give a client a timeframe or they will hold you to that exact number of washes. The best thing to do is to give them the option to purchase and top up their colour at home so that they are in control of the fade.”
Sophia Hilton, Not Another Salon owner and Crazy Color ambassador


Thou shalt extol the virtues of homecare

“During a vivid colour consultation I’ll take clients through the entire process and discuss their role in maintaining their new shade. I always stress that home maintenance is imperative. I recommend no more than two washes per week in cold or cool water with Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it repair the hair but the shampoo is sulphate-free which will help to prolong the colour. I also recommend weekly home treatments and the use of Olaplex 6 and 7 for styling and heat protection.”
Steve Austin, Manic Panic educator 

Thou shalt communicate the lightening process

“Many clients do not realise that black hair cannot be dyed pastel pink. As a vibrant specialist I need to ensure my client fully understands the process and the commitment. I explain to my customers that if they want to have vivid colour I will need to dye their hair platinum blonde first and it might take one session or it might take six months of regular lightening sessions. This conversation gives you the opportunity to gauge your client’s commitment to the process and advise against it if they are not willing to be in it from start to finish.”
Heffy Wheeler, HX Hair owner and OSMO brand ambassador 

Thou shalt encourage clients to stay pro

“Encourage clients to visit a professional regularly if they are going vivid. Bright colours had a bad reputation in the past because people didn’t realise the complexity of creating a perfect canvas for bright shades to sit on. Professionals are the only ones who can achieve vivid shades but if a client is concerned about cost, maybe you could offer hair model appointments where you can try out a new technique or colour combination? This keeps them visiting a professional and means you can try out new techniques.”
Heather Mackenzie, Riot Squad member and Pulp Riot educator

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