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The Two Products Beyonce’s Colourist Can’t Live Without

by akesha / last updated July 12, 2019

New York based celebrity hair colourist Rita Hazan has been in the hairdressing world since starting out as an assistant at the Oribe salon. Since then she has grown to become one of the most in demand celebrity colourists in the world. Rita has created some of the most recognised and requested celebrity colours from Beyonce’s caramel hue to Madonna’s icy tones and many others in between.

We caught up with her to ask some burning questions to the super-colourist…

What sparked your interest in the hair industry?

Being involved in the hair industry was just natural for me; nothing in particular sparked my interest. I always did hair and it was simply a natural progression for me to go from high school to beauty school. When it came to picking colleges, I knew I didn’t want to go but instead I wanted to attend a hair or beauty school.

I’ve always loved to work with hard, unruly and curly hair, as it’s always a challenge to deal with and I really enjoy a challenge. I’ve always been good with handling that type of hair and it made me think early on, that this is something I know how to do well and like to do, so why not just do it!

Who inspires you?

I don’t think it’s one person who inspires me but more my daily surroundings and people I’m with that prompt inspiration. I get a lot of my inspiration from just walking around New York and seeing the fashion in front of me.

New York itself is such an inspiring place to live as you are always stimulated and motivated to be constantly creative.

What is your hair philosophy?

My hair philosophy is most definitely ‘healthy hair keeps colour longer’

What do you carry in your daily kit?

Triple threat and lock and block are two products I cannot live without, they can always be found in my handbag wherever I go.

What is the easiest trick for flawless-looking hair?

A top knot would be my easiest trick for quick and flawless hair. Throw your hair in a high pony, twist it into a knot and you’re good to go.

Do you have any career tips for up and coming colourists?

Learn! Take the time and really learn the craft. A year or two is not enough time to take it all in, you have to dedicate enough time to master the skill. I would advise training for 3 – 4 years minimum.

What is it like working with A-listers?

You need to be focused and have the right skills to accomplish what A-listers want and keep up with their demands. The look they want to achieve will usually be challenging, so at times it’s living up to unrealistic expectations. You have to be patient and above all, always know what you’re doing!

For me, a common request from A-listers is to go lighter in an instant. My reputation is based on what I specialise in, I take dark hair and transform it, always in a healthy way and in a tone that is right for that specific person.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2019?

My line has a couple of new products coming out, which is so exciting and top secret so far. For 2019 I can say that we are expanding our focus from colour care to creating styling products for colour treated hair.

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