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10 Fascinating Facts About Redheads This Valentine’s Day

by akesha / last updated February 13, 2019

facts about redheads


If red is the colour of love, that essentially makes Valentine’s Day a redhead holiday; here are ten facts about redheads to get your clients talking!

1. Of all the women who choose to colour their hair, the majority choose to become redheads.

2. Redheads have proven to be more passionate.

3. Redheads are natural muses and have been used in a lot of famous works of art.

4. Marilyn Monroe was reportedly a natural redhead.

5. Research shows redheads are less likely to go grey thanks to the stubborn nature of its natural pigment.

6. Red is the rarest hair colour in the world, found in only 1% of the population.

7. Scotland is home to the highest population of redheads.

8. A redhead has an average of 86,000 strands of hair.

9. Ancient Greeks believed that redheads turned into vampires after they died.

10. Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world.

For an in-depth read on red hair care pick up our March 2018 of Hairdressers Journal for our redhead special.

Lead Image – Sharon Malcolm


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