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Everything you Need To Know About Avlon Texture Release

by akesha / last updated December 16, 2019

alvon texture release

Since dropping in the UK market Avlon Texture Release Texture Management System has been a huge hit with the increasing group of women with textured hair that are looking for style diversity in their natural locks.

With the continuing decline in chemical relaxer sales around the world the brand found a new way to offer the option of straight hair styling without compromising the condition or health of your clients’ hair.

“We started our first research into smoothing/straightening technology through cross-linking materials or grafting materials into hair fibres around 2006,” says Dr Syed, founder of Avlon. “This technology was first introduced in 2011 under Avlon brands in Brazil.”

He continues, “We improved upon this technology in our Research Center in Illinois and our first introduction came in the form of Avlon Texture Release brand in 2015 in the US. We further improved upon the technology in 2018 and 2019 for our European customers.”

How does Avlon Texture Release Work?

The system is aimed at woman with curly to tightly coiled hair that would like the option of straighten or elongated their curls without causing damage. “The major point of difference is that it does not produce dangerous fumes during blow-drying and flat ironing as compared to Methylene Glycol/Formaldehyde-based smoothing systems,” says Dr Syed.

“With this system, the hair and scalp are also thoroughly rinsed during treatment so your customer doesn’t leave the salon with dangerous chemicals still in their hair for next few days.”

Avlon Texture Release works by heat activation where the active ingredient is attached to the hair cortex on a semi-permanent basis, which helps to keep the hair elongated, wavy or straight for 10-12 weeks while shielding the effects of humidity on hair. It gives your client styling choice and versatility without the damage that has previously been associated with straightening services.

The Texture Release® Texture Management System includes;
– A Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo
– Hair Dilator
– Releasing Lotion
– Thermal Protector
– Curl Shape & Shine Cream
– Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Conditioner

To find out more about Avlon Texture Release® Texture Management System and how to bring it into your salon visit or call Avlon Europe on 0121 522 2124

This is a sponsored post from Avlon Europe

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