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‘DON’T Box Dye your Hair’ and Other Tips for your Clients During Coronavirus Outbreak

by akesha / last updated March 27, 2020

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Nobody could have predicted that we would all be in the situation we are in now when we started 2020. The coronavirus outbreak, which has forced much of the world into a state of lockdown, has had a huge impact on businesses such as hair and beauty salons making them shut up shop for an undefined amount of time.

Clients are now left to their own devices when it comes to hair maintenance and upkeep, a worrying thought for all. While this is of course for the greater good of the population with hopes of social distancing flattening the curve and slowing the spread of the virus, it also means that the likelihood of at-home beauty regime mishaps are a given if clients aren’t given professional advice or support. But how do you advise maintenance and upkeep until they can get back to the salon without pushing them towards box dye and at home haircut horrors.

Here’s how different hairdressers and brands are helping their clients during this time…

Maintaining colour at home

“Currently with coronavirus throwing a level of uncertainty into the air as to when you’ll next be in the salon the temptation is there to reach for the at home hair colourants, the advertising makes it look so easy and the results multi-tonal and salon grade, “ says Jason Hogan colour expert at Josh Wood Atelier. “I advise against this as these one size fit all products don’t account for variables in the hair which are unique to you and nobody is that dexterous that they can successfully apply their own colour without overlap and blotchiness.”

Jason has been advising clients with highlights to use at home glosses to reignite the shine in their hair and root touch up spray to cover grey roots, advise echoed by Paul Dennison from Ken Picton Salon. He says “No matter how tough things get in the next few weeks, don’t resort to doing your own roots. We recommend L’Oreal Hair Touch Up to temporarily cover regrowth and greys. It comes in five different shades – Dark Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black, Mahogany and Warm Blonde. After drying your hair, all you need to do is lightly dust the spray across the parting, about 6 inches from the scalp.”

Organic Colour Systems North American education manager Jeanine Taddonio has shared tips on how to help your clients’ colour last longer until they can make it back to the salon. She suggest you tell them, “Avoid washing your hair every day! The more you wash your hair, the quicker your colour will fade. Also, hard water can strip colour and use cool water instead of hot. Washing your hair with very hot water can remove essential oils and moisture from your hair.”

Another way to look at it is as an opportunity to strength your relationships with clients while the salon is closed. “This is where we have really tried to provide a very personalised service,” says current British Hairdresser of the Year Robert Eaton. “We have spoken to our clients and advised them to be patient with their hair and given them tips on how best to work with their re-growth, including disguising it.

He continues, “Clients have also been encouraged to get in touch with their stylist during quarantine if they need further help or advice – we’d rather them reach out to us than a box dye! Home hair colour cannot and does not replace one of the most important aspects of a salon visit – that is the hairdresser. Our creativity and passion for our job is what people love and that will never change.”

Krysia West, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair thinks that clients should see this a break from styling and dyeing. “It will most definitely be tempting to cut/colour your hair at home during this period of isolation however I would not recommend this if you can help it. Whilst we are in this isolation time, it could be good to give your hair a break from colouring as well as heated styling tools.”

we’d rather them reach out to us than a box dye!

Maintaining condition at home

What about the inevitable frizzing and split ends that clients are bound to experience without their regular trims and treatments they get with you? Andy Smith, Indola global ambassador says to advise clients to “use the time to nourish your hair with hair masks. Indola’s Repair Treatment & Indola’s Blonde Addict Care Treatment are two that I would highly recommend.”

He continues “As they won’t be going out and about as much tell them to try to use this time to give their hair a break, avoid putting direct heat on the hair and if they want it out of their face tie it up using soft scrunchies instead of elastic hair bands to eliminate any damage.”

Jason Hogan also suggests a hard water hack for your clients, “Living in hard water area mineral build up is common after conditioning/masqueing the hair doing the final rinse in sparkling water (no need for the Perrier) lifts any mineral build up off the hair shaft and scalp… sounds bougie, feels great and so easy to incorporate to your routine.”

Jasmine Hunsley, of Jasmine Hunsley Hair has been offering up tips to clients on social media. “Depending on how long the lockdown lasts, it’s inevitable that clients will be conscious about their hair,” she says. “We live in a world where everyone wants to look perfect – so this is a great time to embrace the natural look. I am talking to my clients about how to care for their hair at home, how to wash their hair properly and what types of conditioning masks to use.”

Can clients maintain a haircut at home?

Rob Czlapka, owner of RCNQ is using his Instagram page to educated his clients on looking after their hair at home while the salon is closed. “At RCNQ, we’ve created a social strategy to help the inevitable cycle of DIY hair during lockdown,” he says.

While most clients can cope with a style growing out slightly without reaching for the kitchen scissors, clients with fringes will feel the need for upkeep quicker than other styles. “We’re advising clients to “chip into” fringes rather than cutting them shorter to help soften the fringe. This way it’s less likely for mistakes as we will be able to cut the fringe back in without difficulty – We’re showcasing this for clients via our social media and the response so far has been phenomenal.”

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