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Party Hair – How to Create Big and Bouncy Curls

by charlottegw / last updated December 20, 2018

party hair curls Denman modern lives collection by paul Stafford

In the run up to the festive season, one of the most popular party hair requests will be for big, bouncy curls. It’s good news then that you can master this look created by Paul Stafford for the Denman Modern Lives collection in ten easy steps. You’re welcome.

  1. Comb through towel-dried hair with mousse. Then use a Denman D31 Free Flow brush and a Collexia dryer on a slow speed and move the hair around the head to remove some of the moisture.
  2. Beginning at the nape, use a small brush and roll in vertically. Curl the nape sections tightly as this is the foundation for the style.
  3. Leave the brush in the hair to cool before removing. When using the dryer use the cold-set button. Hold the curl in place with a pin curl clip.
  4. Work along the nape in vertical sections, rolling the brushes in alternate directions. As you work up the head, use slightly larger brushes and alternate the direction of the curl.
  5. At the front hairline, roll the hair forwards around the brush not backwards. This creates a stronger bend at the roots to support the upper sections.
  6. Work through the top curling the hair backwards to maximise root lift. At the fringe use smaller brushes in vertical sections. If you prefer, you can create direction at the front by having all the sections go the same way.
  7. Once finished lightly spray with a medium hold hairspray before removing the pin curl clips. Then gently break up the curls with fingers.
  8. Using a tail comb, tease and lightly backcomb the hair into the shape you want. Using the tail of the comb, loosen and pick out the curls to soften the profile.
  9. Massage serum into the ends and use your fingers to separate and define. Finally, lightly spray a medium hold hairspray over the style.

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