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How to Create a Mass of Voluminous Curls with Stylers

by sophieh / December 3, 2010

The ghd Midnight Collection is twelve professional looks all inspired by the Autumn/Winter 2010 catwalk shows and created using the new ghd Gold Classic styler.

Here is how you can style long straight hair into a curly faux bob using your stylers.

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Step One Step Two
Step One: Select a diagonal parting across the head to the centre of the top of the head. Take a second parting from the centre point diagonally towards each ear. From the temple area take a third diagonal parting to split the side sections in half. Step Two: Starting at the back, take a centre parting down to the nape. From the centre nape, take a 2cm horizontal sub-section on each side to the ears.
Step Three Step Four
Step Three:Place the ghd styler at the roots with your thumb underneath, rotate it 180 degrees towards the head and slowly glide 90 degrees to the head. Wrap the curl back towards the head, secure with a clip and repeat. Step Four:Continue working upwards in horizontal sections, incorporating the two side sections, to complete the back.
Step Five Step Six
Step Five:Starting from the parting on the right hand section, take the first section 2cm deep, parallel to the parting. Then take a square 2cm sub-section, place the styler at the roots with your thumb facing away from the parting, rotate 180 degrees and push away, overdirecting from the parting in a straight line. Step Six:Repeat the above step on the left front section to complete the head.
Step Seven Step Eight
Step Seven:Release the curls from the pins and brush through with fingers to separate. Step Eight:Take a vertical parting from the crown to the nape, then take a sub-section from the parting to the top of the ear.
Step Nine Step Ten
Step Nine:Working on the left side, lightly finger-dress the hair, reducing the length but keeping the curl definition. Repeat, moving upwards to the crown to complete the back section. Step Ten:Gather the hair into a high, side ponytail and secure with elastic.
Step Eleven Step Twelve
Step Eleven:Working on the right side to create the shape, connect the side and back panels, and finger dress.

Step Twelve:Pin hair to secure the shape then, start
ing on the left side, connect the sides into the back by finger-dressing and use the hairdryer to sculpt into shape. Working on the fringe, sculpt the hair to create a smooother, more defined shape through the front.

The Finished Look


Hair by the ghd creative team

Make-up: Linda Ohrstrom

Styling: Alison Elwin

Photographs: Tim Bret-Day

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