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Hairstyle Step by Step: Glossy Curls from Aveda

by alexherrera / September 24, 2008


A step-by-step guide to transforming long layered hair into gorgeous glossy curls, from Aveda Global Director Antoinette Beenders and the Aveda artistic team.


sbsbeforeaug22.jpg > sbscut1aug22.jpg > sbscut2aug22.jpg
BEFORE 1. A dipped horseshoe parting was created, and the top secured away. 2. Starting at the front hairline, diagonal sections were taken and the length razor-cut.
sbscut3aug22.jpg > sbscut4aug22.jpg > sbscut5aug22.jpg
3. This was continued around the head towards the back, using the previous guide. 4. This was continued until the centre back position. 5. This was repeated on the other side, keeping the first three sections slightly longer.
sbscut6aug22.jpg > sbscut4aug22.jpg > sbscut8aug22.jpg
6. The third diagonal section was the longest front section. This was continued around to the centre back. 7. The edges were softened with a razor. 8. Hair was blow-dried using a flat-wrap technique. The top was trimmed with texturising scissors to blend with the bottom length.
sbscut9aug22.jpg > sbscut10aug22.jpg
9. Hair was sliced upwards, shortening the rest of the length in the diagonal sections, moving towards the front. 10. Pieces were taken freehand and bulk was removed. Pieces were taken from the horseshoe section, pulled forward and personalised.


sbscolour1aug22.jpg > sbscolour2aug22.jpg > sbscolour3aug22.jpg
1. A slightly zigzagged circle was taken on top of the head and pinned away. 2. A second zigzagged circle was taken, 2-3in in width, and pinned into four quarters. 3. In panel 3, Sumatra was applied from roots to ends.
sbscolour4aug22.jpg > sbscolour5aug22.jpg > sbscolour6aug22.jpg
4. This was secured with foil. 5. Chai was applied to roots to ends in panel 2. This was mixed with Sumatra on the scalp, making sure the colours blend. 6. Chai was applied to the rest of the hair and foil placed on top.
sbscolour7aug22.jpg > sbscolour8aug22.jpg sbsafteraug22.jpg
7. Daybreak was applied to the entire top panel. 8. After hair was processed for about 15 minutes, the top section was sub-divided into two to three smaller sections, and twisted lightly to diffuse the ends. Enlightener Formula was patted onto the tops of each twisted sub-section. This was repeated on the front section Styling: Sections were twisted and hair was diffuse-dried, then small sections were tonged with irons and sprayed for hold.



Full Spectrum 40g 6Natural

2g Dark Yellow/Orange Pure Tone

2g Dark Blue/Green Pure Tone

+ 20 volume Color Catalyst creme developer


Full Spectrum 40g 10Natural

1g Light Violet/Blue Pure Tone

1g Light Blue/Blue Pure Tone

+ 30 volume Color Catalyst creme developer


Shades of Enlightenment 30g Daybreak Extra Light Natural Blonde

+ 40g volume Color Catalyst creme developer

Enlightener Formula

Enlightener powder lightener

+ Enlightener creme booster

+ 10 volume Color Catalyst creme developer

Hair by Aveda artistic team

Artistic director: Antoinette Beenders

Make-up: Rudy Miles and Rachel Tarbutton

Styling: Damien Foxe

Photographs: Miguel Reviergo

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