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Gender Neutral Styling by Indola

by ruthhunsley / July 10, 2017

A gender-neutral looks that balances cool with flattering was order of the day for this look from the Smart Street Style collection by Indola. Avoid severe fringes and opt for long at the front for flexible styling options that reveal subtle colour effects.

Cutting top tip from Andy Smith at Real Hair, London

“I wanted a strong but flattering outline to this crop, so I kept a round shape at the temples and over the ears but used the tips of the scissors to create a shattered outline, especially at the fringe. That way, you can choose how to style it on or off the face, adding more or less texture.”

Colour top tip from Chanel Nott at Real Hair, London

“I wanted to give this look a subtle effect that could be covered or revealed through the styling so I placed a warm tint in a single panel under the lengths. This can be done on all neutral bases as long as you choose a warm shade thats only two depths apart.”

Colours used

1 Roots and global colour – PCC 3.0 + 2%/7 vol Cream Developer

2 Panel area – PCC 5.3 + 6%/20 vol Cream Developer




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