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Steps to Create an Editorial Brunette by Wella Professionals

by ruthhunsley / last updated August 18, 2018

This long-layered cut with a soft, oval fringe has a premium editorial look thanks to its deep multi-tonal brunette colour.

Click on the Gallery to follow the simple steps to get the look…

Colour formulas

A and E Koleston Perfect 5/77 + Welloxon Perfect 6% + (E is the same formula without

B and F Koleston Perfect Special Blonde 12/0 + Welloxon Perfect 12% _ (colour F is the same formula without, yellow foil)

C Koleston Perfect 10/38 + Welloxon Perfect 12% (blue foil)

D Koleston Perfect 7/71 + Welloxon Perfect 9% (red foil)

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