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How To Create This Stunning Bridal Braid From Great Lengths

by akesha / June 13, 2018

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding style, then this stunning bridal braid from Great Lengths might just be what you are after…

Great Lengths Super Shine Spray
Great Lengths Soft Finish Spray
Silver Pins
Pin tail comb
Wide tooth comb
Pins and grips
Clear elastic bands

Great lengths before

Model is wearing:
40 GL Tapes of colour 1B and 02, custom cut.
Before creating this look, the hair has been barrel curled and pinned and left to set for 10 minutes. The hair was then brushed through to soften the curls.

great lengths 1

Working from the front hairline, take horizontal sections and tease from the root using the Great Lengths Black Plastic Brush.

great Lengths 2

Smooth hair back, allowing for the hair to fall into its natural parting. Smooth surface and create a pony tail, securing with a clear band just below the crown. Then spray using Great Lengths Soft Finish Spray for hold.

great lengths 3

Create a second ponytail, allowing loose hair to drop through the sides and secure with a clear band below the first ponytail.

great lengths 4

Divide the first pony tail in half and lift the second ponytail through the middle of the hair. Secure the remaining loose hair in a third pony tail with a clear band. Continue this method until the end of the hair is reached.

great lengths 5

Secure the ends with a clear band and wrap remaining hair around the band to hide. Secure this with a pin.

great lengths 6

Tease sections of the braid out gently. Spray with Great Lengths Soft Finish Spray.
Add hair accessories.

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