New Collection of the Week

The Lotus Collection – Candice McKay

In this time of uncertainty, hardship and loss, we look to the symbol of the lotus flower to give us solace and hope. The lotus flower has a life cycle unlike any other plant – at night it's hidden underwater, in complete darkness. As the sun

rises, so too does the lotus; reborn and sparklingly clean and thus lotus flower's connection with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus represents the act of rising above challenges and moving towards wisdom; a perfect analogy for our ability to come from a place of suffering into the light. We too can rise up from difficulty and again shine and bloom.

This new collection by Candice Mckay, perfectly blends avant-garde ideas with ready-to-wear hair. Combining technical haircutting, wearable colour and a range of textured finishes, the Lotus collection reminds us of the ability of beauty and creativity to shine in adversity.