New Collection of the Week

Meraki Collection by Sevda Durukan 

Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity, and love, to put something of yourself in your work. The Meraki Collection pushes the boundaries of the art of hairdressing, developing imagination to create diverse shapes which depict strength and power. 

Each look takes on a different stance, and the clothes styling is integral to each look adding a boldness to the collection. These looks aren’t for the faint hearted – they are for strong women, proud of their individuality and their hair is used to accentuate their uniqueness and originality.  Larger than life shapes flow like a glistening copper mane and the classic bob has been individualised not only by a beautiful pink tone but with soft waves brushed out giving this look its stand out shape. The texture of Afro hair has been used to create a beautiful anti-head shape – it’s the juxtaposition of light and dark, soft, and intense.


Hair: Sevda Durukan 

Make Up: Yvonne Nussdorfer

Photographs: Giel Domen and Kenneth Vandevelde

Styling: Julia Muller