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What To Know When You’re Auditioning for a Hair Team

by akesha / last updated June 4, 2018

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Ashleigh Hodges knows a thing or two about auditioning for a hair team; not only was she in The Fellowship’s FAME Team and Matrix Destination Fame, but she also mentored for the Project X team.

Who better to offer some advice on what to know when you’re auditioning?

What advice would you give for preparing for an audition for a hair team?

Preparation is everything. Always remember that knowledge is power, so the more you know the better. You should know exactly what your entering, what the team will do and why it’s worth the hard work. You should research the brand, if you don’t already work with them in the salon, and why they’ll be a good brand for you to be with. That way you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and why it’ll be worth the hard work. ashleigh hodges hair team

Do you have any top tips if you have to present a model?

When presenting a model you need to work to your strengths. In that sense, it’s wise to keep it simple. Don’t try doing anything you’ve never done before or that you know isn’t your thing. That said, you should always try to think outside the box and do something that will make you stand out – just a little quirk for the judges to remember you and your model by.

Do you have any tips for creating a memorable mood board if that is going to be judged?

From what I’ve learnt from my Fellowship Project X team, when it comes to mood boards you should treat them like an art project. Have facts and history on the subject and really look into each part of that subject to find inspiration. The more research you can show off, the more memorable the mood board and you will be.

Any advice on what to wear for an interview?

Always be smart, but remember we’re part of the fashion industry, so show your personality through your clothing still. If you’re buying something new, make sure you actually do feel 100% comfortable in it. And if it’s something you wouldn’t normally wear, then don’t wear it to an interview. We want to see you and your personality.

What should you do if you freeze up and panic at an interview?

Stay calm, it’s ok. Remember to breathe. Also remember that the people in front of you have been in the same position at some point in their career, so they will have empathy. It’s good to prove that you can get over something like freezing up in an interview, so it could work in your favour. Showing a good, calm breathing technique and proving that you can carry on is good to see.

What do you think audition panels are looking for generally?

When looking for a hairdressing team, the panel are looking for an all-rounder. They need to be a team player and have the personality to work well within the team and on stage, then there needs to be natural talent and skill. The panel need to see potential that they know they can polish to create the next superstar.


Any one piece of advice for someone thinking of auditioning for a place on a hairdressing team?

Do it! It will be the best experience of your career. You will meet and work with the most incredible talents and like-minded people. And, even if you don’t make it onto the team first time or even second, keep trying because you learn something from every try and you get your name seen by the right people each time.


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