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Step by Step: Ronze Ecaille by Ethos Hairdressing

by maryforester / last updated August 21, 2018


Deep bronze tones with flashes of peachy blonde make up this stunning shade from Adam Bryant & Sharon Peake, follow the step by step guide to get the look.

Schwarzkopf colour step by step

Step One

Natural base 7

Global application of Igora Royal equal parts 7-55 & 5-6 with 3% developed for 35 Minutes

Schwarzkopf Colour step by Step


Step 2

Elevate each section to wind on velcro rollers and paint BlondMe & 6% onto the last 4cm. The elevation will cause the lightened areas to diffuse as the hair drops down to it’s natural position

Schwarzkopf colour step by step

Step 3

Continue to wind as normal, apply the pre-lightener in the same position after each 360 degree turn. Use less product towards the scalp so the lightened areas are less obvious.

Schwarzkopf colour step by step


Step 4

On the next row of sections start further away from the ends so that lightened areas sit in a different position along the hair, compared to the previous section.

Schwarzkopf colour step by step

Step 5

As each section is wound, pace a piece of cotton wool between the roller and the scalp to avoid any lightening near the scalp.

Schwarzkopf colour step by step

Step 6

The pre-lightener was developed until a peach/gold level 9 was achieved.

Schwarzkopf colour step by step

Step 7

The entire hair was toned with Igora Vibrance 4 parts 9.5-4 & 1 part 6-7 with 1.9% developer for 8 minutes.

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Hair: Adam Bryant and Sharon Peake

Photography: John Rawson

Make up: Mary Jane Frost

Styling: Marika Page


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