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Step by Step: Create the Perfect Boho Blonde with New Artisan By Indola

by maryforester / last updated August 21, 2018

New Artisan by Indola embraces effortless, natural styling. Take inspiration from Woodstock ’69 and create the perfect boho inspired balayage for your clients with this easy step-by-step guide.

Indola Artisan Colour Step by Step

Colours used


  • Blonde Expert Bleaching Powder
  • 2%/ 7 vol Developer
  • Mixing ratio 1:2


  • Blonde Expert 1000.1 Blond Ash
  • 12%/ 40 vol Developer
  • Mixing radio 1:2


  • Mix the required amount of KERA BOND BOND SERUM into both colour mixes to fortify hair bonds during the lightening process

Indola artisan step by step

Step 1

Divide the hair into sections as shown:

  • SECTION A= two middle sections from the top of the head to the nape of the neck
  • SECTION B= half-moon at the front hairline from temple to temple

indola artisan step by step

Step 2

  • Start on one side of SECTION A
  • Taking small diagonal sections, start at the natural hair and apply Colour 1 with freehand balayage technique
  • Continue to the mid-lengths and ends with BLONDE EXPERT BLEACHING POWDER

indola Artisan Step by step

Step 3

  • Work your way up the section using the same technique
  • SMART TIP for a softer end result, take diagonal sections in the hair

Indola Artisan Step by step

Step 4

  • Release SECTION B
  • Weave very fine strands in the front section and apply COLOUR 1 to the natural hair and BLONDE EXPERT BLEACHING POWDER on the previously coloured mid-lengths and ends

Indola artisan step by step

Step 5

  • Leave to develop according to instructions for use before rinsing out
  • Shampoo and apply KERA BOND SEALING MASK to the hair. Leave to develop for 10 mins before rinsing thoroughly

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