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What Inspires HJ’s Stylist of the Year Chloe Ascot of Hare & Bone?

by Matthew Batham / July 5, 2017

Chloe Ascott, of Hare & Bone, London shares her inspirations and ambitions

Fashion is my favourite source of inspiration. I’m a shopaholic. I’m a high street shopper and love to see how quickly the trends and styles change. It’s great to see the trends, colours and shapes.

‘Creative play time’ is the best way to process all forms of inspiration. Taking a shape, style or idea and playing on a dolls head is great for expanding and pushing new ideas from the initial inspiration.

I must be the only person I know that gets excited when the alarm clock goes off. I genuinely love my life. I love experiencing new things, meeting new people, building relationships. I appreciate I am fortunate enough to love my ‘job’ but to me it is much more than that, it defines who I am. If I won the lottery I would still come to work?

I think Topshop would be a good brand to compare myself to. It’s fun, young, fresh, moves and sets the trends. It also has lots of avenues, to be able to cater to lots of types of people, which I feel is a specialty of mine.

Helping to educate the next generation of hairdressers is what excites me the most about my job. I think it’s so exciting to think they will be setting the next trends and pushing the boundaries creatively and I helped get them there. It keeps my passion alive.

I always had a plan for where I wanted to go with the industry. I think knowing where I wanted to be helped my career develop organically, taking opportunities that came my way. I couldn’t be happier with where I am in my career today.




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